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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by AlmightyAloud, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. You could honestly just jump into season 3 and see if you enjoy that. Even the carried plot points are explained quite easily
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  2. Oh, I loved this last episode. The action sequences were extremely well directed and choreographed, and they managed to unfold Caleb's story in a twisty-but-comprehensible way. This season is better by leaps and bounds compared to the convoluted mess that was season 2.

    I really like the idea that every human became a "host" because of Rehoboam. It gives power to Dolores' revolution - since she's now not only freeing the hosts, but also humankind.
    At the same time, this revolution will bring chaos, violence and inequality - that is the interesting nuance this season brought to the table. The big question this show is asking is would you rather live a peaceful life controlled by an omniscient power (Serac's vision) or have the reigns of a hell of a life (Dolores' vision)?
  3. Do we think the creators will kill off
    Delores... like actually for good? And let Caleb be the next 'leader of the revolution'
  4. This episode would have been the time to do it and they didn't. So, kind of doubt it?

    Both she and Maeve appear in the finale episode preview.
  5. How many episodes of season 2 have you watched so far? Season 2 stars slow but really pays off at the end.
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  6. Ugh that episode was getting soooo hetero and dull ...but then Maeve turned up in her leather gear and samurai sword and I knew the episode had been saved.

    Hopefully the finale focuses on Maeve and her girl group living their Kill Bill fantasy while the men get 5 minutes of screen time between them, one can dream.
  7. I'm rooting for Queen Maeve.

    I still think the big twist of the season hasn't been revealed yet... Like Solomon said:

    If we're really here and now...

    They said all the parks would be revealed at the end of the season, didn't they?
  8. That's often my problem with the entire series. It's so dull and male-centric....until Maeve or Dolores or Hale shows up to save my attention & suddenly I'm obsessed with the show.
  9. I keep going back to the scene at the end of the season 2 finale with the Man in Black in the deserted park. We've got to come back around to that at some point, right?

    I haven't been loving this season too much. It's fine, that's all I can really say about it.
  10. There's only 1 park they haven't shown yet and it would be both a massive copout and completely render the season void if they
    reveal this entire season has been a simulation from Rehoboam or is FutureWorld, though I don't think it is because the actor who plays Caleb seemed to hint at the creators telling him he'd be in past S3 according to an interview

    Both Nolan and Joy said in an interview the post-credits scene in S2 is
    in the far future, so it seems likely to be after the course of S3
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  11. But they've been hinting at this since the start of the season...

    A simulation within a simulation...

    And I feel like the season 3 promo poster is a major giveaway too...

    A host dying in a post-apocalyptic world. Is the real world already destroyed?
  12. Am I the only person who finds Aaron Paul’s hairpiece painfully distracting?!
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  13. Exactly. I gave up midway season 2, picked up from season 3 and it worked fine.
  14. It's a shame because the back half of season 2 was great.
  15. Binging this now from 1 to 7.

    I was willing for them to move into the “now” future instead of the costume period Western world but now that they’ve done that it took a lot heart out of the show?

    I was on board for the first three episodes and then episode four came around and then the reveal in the Genre episode, ew.

    This season is trash so far.
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  16. Really not sure how I feel about that finale.
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  17. It was trash, just like the entire season.

    Episodes 1 - 3 were great. And then the quality just dropped and six was good because Charlotte returned to being the bad bitch we knew she was. Thereafter, another two trashy episodes. All that for nothing, just so they can continue another season? I hate that twist too with Caleb.

    I did like the pan out shot at the end when stuff exploded - it was very Fincher's Fight Club.
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  18. The only thing I liked about the episode was the after-credits scene.
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  19. I doubt S4 is that far in development so I feel like they're probably waiting to see fan reception before deciding what to do with Delores.
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  20. Shes inside of that great big machine, no?
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