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  1. I don't think so. Her last memory that was deleted and absorbed into Rehoboam was of Solomon, so Solomon could take over the machine and let Caleb be the person who gives it orders. Caleb also ordered the final command, which was to delete itself, so Delores is an empty shell with no memory.

    Certainly Hale could bring her back, but she seems hellbent on destroying humans and making an entire world of hosts since Delores didn't
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  2. Apparently there was a post credits scene which I completed missed.

    “In a post-credits scene, William enters a Delos facility in Dubai to kill the hosts there and finds Charlotte. As he is about to attack her, he is set on by a host fashioned after his Man in Black persona from the park, who then slashes his throat, as several hundred host-making machines activate behind them. In another post-credit scene, a dust-covered Bernard wakes up from where he had entered the Sublime”
  3. This was a great finale to a season that put the series in the right direction.
    The Dolores arc was beautifully wrapped - in the end, the answer to humanity was in the hands of a human, not hers. She understood herself as a catalyst, a truth teller - in a way, reprising her role at the park but in a scient and grander manner. She is a very layered and poetic character that became much more interesting as the season went on.
    And the plot for the 4th season is so good already: I really want to see the dynamic between Hale as the master-of-all-robots villain and Bernard as the messiah-from-the-Sublime savior. What did he see there? How Maeve and Caleb will play in this new era? How and when Dolores will be back?
  4. The ending was mostly satisfying to me. Dolores coming full circle and recognizing the beauty in humanity in her final moments was great. Though I’m sad this seems to be the end of Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores.

    I will say, the robot Charlotte Hale suddenly wanting to take over the world and have robots run it felt like a bit of a stretch after she had so much empathy for her human family that just died. And her grudge against Dolores seemed misdirected when Serac was the one that killed her family. Didn’t make a whole lot of sense of to me. The other thing I’m not understanding is Bernard and this Sublime thing.
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  5. Not 98% of the finale literally being this gif:

    Where was Clementine!?! Why so many heterosexual men with guns!? Why is 'Bernard' still taking up valuable screen time?!?! Though it was redeemed by Queen Charlotte Hale establishing herself as a supervillain with her army of robots and black dress.

    It was a strong season overall, loved the send off for Dolores - the moments between her and Maeve were great and it was a satisfying close to her arc.
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  6. I’m just not sure how interested I’ll be in this show without Evan Rachel Wood....and I left still with zero interest in anything relating to Caleb.
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  7. Has Evan Rachel Wood said she's not coming back? Because, if not, I'm sure she will be.
  8. I noticed in the after-show interview Evan said she enjoyed playing "this version" of Dolores, or something along those lines. It didn't sound like her goodbye to the show. And really, we've been getting new takes on Dolores every season anyway.

    At any rate, it's Westworld. This crazy ass show will find a way to write her back in.
  9. As much I like Maeve as a character, her entire arc through S2 and especially through S3 has literally been 'but my daughter tho!' until the last scene of the finale, so the choice of likely moving her to be THE main character now is weird when they've barely developed her over the last dozen or so episodes
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  10. I think in general they told the story they wanted to tell this season, though said story took about about 3 episodes too many, and a pretty woeful villain to get its point across. Overall it was a like a B- season, coming off the B+/A- average of season 2.

    I’m still absolutely on board for season 4, especially now that they’ve given Maeve more of a purpose. She’s been floating around, taking her cues from other characters all season; I’d like to see the series double down on the original idea of her fighting against her root commands and making her own decisions again. Watching her come to grips with those abilities in the first season is what made me love her, and it’s like that was forgotten until the final moments of the finale.
  11. Maeve was always the main character in my heart, darling!

    I enjoyed the finale. It was weird because I was expecting a huge twist that didn't come. Not saying that it's a bad thing.

    Arnold/Bernard's scene with his wife was emotional.

    Halores going full villain is a bit disappointing but with Serac and William out of the picture, I guessed that was to be expected...

    As for Dolores, there's still another copy left in Lawrence's host.
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  12. Another amazing season, thankfully they course corrected after the senseless time shuffling of S02. The new guy's backstory is easily the most boring thing they've shown, but it made sense in terms of world-building so I didn't mind. How did Charlotte get her hands on the pearls of the other hosts? She did have the ability to do it with her position, but I'd like even a single mention of it next season. Hopefully Dolores will be back too...
    3 more seasons is too risky, but they haven't fucked up yet.
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  13. This season was a complete fucking mess. At some point I just started laughing because all the characters talk in riddles all the time??? Like someone would be like “why are you here, x?” and x responds: “is anyone ever really here, y? Have you stopped to think about your reality?”. Lots of plot holes and the science of the show completely undermines whatever stakes are at game.

    Also, because I’m a homosexual with eyes I was obviously rooting for Dolores, but who was the regular viewer supposed to root for? Everyone was fucking awful. I personally loved season 2 but after the complaints about the timelines being confusing I think they somehow really dumbed the show down while also making it cryptic as fuck? Beautifully shot though
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  14. What was cryptic in your opinion exactly? For me, this was the most straight-forward season we've had since the beginning. I feel everything was explained quite nicely without being too exposition-heavy?

    The only element that didn't have an answer was the "sublime" - and even that is not cryptic, since for me it's a cliffhanger that adds a complication to the "robots infiltrating human race" store we'll have on season 4.
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  15. It’s not that I find the story cryptic so maybe I chose the wrong words but a lot of the shit involving the technology of the show happens without a clear explanation.

    First of all, how did Dolores manage to split herself into five consciousness while each of these personas remained somehow different from herself? What? When they revealed that I HAD to laugh. What was the point of Clementine being there? How the fuck did Hale turn off Dolores remotely? Why was Maeve suddenly immune to Serac’s gadget?

    That’s just off the top of my head, but I could go on. It’s just bad writing, how they magically (technologically in this case) resolve some of the situations just to keep the plot moving forward
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  16. How I would respond to your questions (my personal opinion of course!):

    - Dolores copied herself 5 times, she didn't split herself up.
    Dolores-as-Hale ended up becoming someone different because the original Dolores has the ability of gain consciousness in her code. Living Hale's life made that copy gain a totally different consciousness vs. the original Dolores. For me, it's a commentary on epigenetics and how we think we can control our progeny, until we don't.

    They were connected because they shared the same "root"; that is why Hale was able to hack into Dolores' vision at the final episode. Also Hale didn't turn off Dolores remotely, did she? Maybe I lost that part?

    - Maeve has been constructed as a robot that can hack the system and hosts since season 1 (even her name, "the one that intoxicates", is related to her ability of permeating herself into others). After she saw what Dolores was trying to do, she broke free of Serac's leash (she had this "revelation that becomes freedom" arc on both previous seasons).

    - Clementine (and the other cameos) is just cute fan service, nothing more.
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  17. Yeah, pretty sure Maeve simply outgrew the control thanks to her powers, it felt perfectly in line with everything else we have seen from her in my opinion. Something is challenging for her, she learns about it, examines it and evolves past it.
    And Dolores stated the others were actual copies of hers, so she didn't split, and then each copy naturally evolved further based on the identity they assumed. Clearly the copy that had to impersonate a woman she had killed and to work in a position with a high risk of being exposed AND to care for a family developed a certain...perspective from having the original giving her orders from afar.
    And why would Charlotte not be able to remotely freeze Dolores, she had access to the tech, contact with Dolores herself, and it was presented as something she had prepared and not something she simply improvised on the spot.
    They didn't provide an explanation about how Clementine and the other girl got to be there, but did they have to? It will be a hole if they don't mention it again, but we'll have to see if the next season comes without an explanation about how Charlotte managed to get their pearls for that.

    Weren't holograms simply the phone calls of the future? It's just what Serac could do too. He was doing it with actual holograms because it was the 'conference call' function, whereas Hale-Dolores was simply AR because it was a 'private call'.
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  18. I don't really understand the confusion re: S2's timelines. Maybe it was because I watched the season over 3 days that I wasn't forgetting things week after week, but the last episode really ties it all up.
  19. I don't think it was confusing, but it was doing nothing for the narrative. Each episode hardly progressed at all because of it, and it was only there because S1 had it, except in S1 it was essential and elevated the whole experience and its message.
  20. I am SCREAMING. The accuracy
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