The one thing I don't like about the long wait between seasons is that I'll basically forget what happened in 1-3 and the show is entirely too long for me to want to rewatch every time. They need to drop 10-minute video summaries of every season like Marvel Legends.

ffffff this. I went into watching this like I know they left park and killed almost everyone and... that was it? It doesn't help that I binged S2 as well like 2 years ago, so I just remember flashes of it ñññ
I’m here for it! As confusing and absurd as this show can be at times - it’s still usually an exciting watch worth returning to. I’m really going to need a comprehensive recap of last season though.
Wait, did I just see Dolores? MY QUEEN!

I watched season 1 which was excellent, maybe one of my favorite seasons of television ever.
But the end of it killed pretty much everything I loved about season 1. I tried Season 2 and while I love the characters and world... I didn't like the idea of it being so divorced from the Westworld park so I stopped watching. Maybe i'll binge it whenever the series ends
I have a really difficult time remembering what happened on the last season of a show at the best of times, and it's extra tough with this one as it's never easy to get a handle on what's happening in the first place. Hoping for a fairly comprehensive recap.

Still, it always looks incredible, and you have to give HBO props for running with it. The costs involved can't be that much less than Game of Thrones, and this doesn't have the same level of breakout success or income from alternative streams (GoT must have made its money back from merchandise deals alone) to sustain it.
I think I watched one episode of season 3 and just... forgot to continue ddd

It's a shame because I loved season 1 but season 2 was enough to completely lose me.
It was still mostly in the park in Season 2 though? It was just really difficult to follow.

Yeahh... I stopped watching like half way through season 2. It was just so different to season 1 and like you said, they really layered on extra confusing threads there.
I liked that they went to different lands of the park (that was season 2 right?) but it lost me when it went to the real world and cast Aaron Paul (I am so tired of those haunted male characters with a secret). I think I will try the new season but I'm done with finishing tv shows out of obligation even if I don't like them.
That surprise ending with that version of Video Games playing...perfection. That was a pretty good premiere. Easy to follow with the right amount of mystery and intrigue to set the stage for the rest of the season. I'm onboard!