Just caught up on the first 2 episodes. Off to a decent start, Ms. Hale is such a good super villain!

I'm obsessed with the aesthetic of wherever Dolores/Christina is. It's giving me a big urge to put on a teal coat and walk around questioning the nature of my reality while Video Games plays.
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I love this mindfuck of a show. I'm happy it's a lot more forthcoming this season, combining all of the storylines 4 episodes in. I'm ready for what comes next.
They are really delivering this season, it’s insane. I’m hoping they can stick the landing because I’m back on board in a way I didn’t think I would be after the third season ended.

Also, can Tessa get her Emmy already?
I really enjoyed season 3. I don't know why people hated it so much... But yeah, season 4 has been amazing so far!
Season 4 feels almost like a different show - they abandoned all the ellipsis and murkiness and went totally on the opposite direction with 6 episodes that are basically exposition-only. All the sub-text, metaphor or actual mystery are mostly gone - the driving force now is plot at light-speed pace.

This radical change makes it a more pleasant watch since I actually for once know what is happening, but it's also banalizing the series - the plot itself is a mish-mash of dystopias from the last 30 years so it's starting to feel repetitive and stale.
Just finished episode 4, and while the reveal was great… Jesus Christ what is going on in the writing room? The dialogue is so corny this season, and some of the moment-to-moment logic jumps are nonsense.

I’m enjoying it more than season 3, but it’s not the knockout show it used to be.
I agree that the series is a lot more straightforward now and most mysteries get resolved within a few episodes if not the same episode (see the Caleb story from the latest one) I enjoy it so much more. I love that it's become a fast paced tech thriller and is not just preoccupied with being so convoluted and impenetrable, the viewers won't be able to decipher it. If anything, I thought the last season was incredibly banal since it was mostly focused on humanity vs. an all powerful AI entity which is basically every sci-fi movie since the Terminator while this shifts the focus back on humans vs. robots, only now the power dynamic is inverted. In short, it's exciting, it has incredible momentum and my attention doesn't waver for a second.

Although it's unfair to say the subtext is gone. The show was always about free will, choice and humanity. What makes a human? Now that Hale has all the power, has she become the oppressor to her own kind? Robots making their own choices and defying her makes them more human? They're all very interesting ideas.
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I'm loving this season; it's one of the few shows right now that I actively look forward to watching all week. Echo the sentiments that I can actually follow what's going on and that's made it a more gripping watch. My only gripe is that making Caleb the protagonist in this story so late in the show just feels weird--felt weird last season, still feels weird in this one.

Also, screamed at the "They just don't like you" bit at the end of the last episode.
I just watched Episode 5 and it was probably one of my favorite episodes since season 1? It was actually coherent! The reveals were done flawlessly and for once I understood every single plot point and dialogue that was going on while still marinating in an air of mystery. I also loved that it was Dolores/Christina centric - that character is the beating heart of the show for me. And honestly it was kinda refreshing to have an episode without Caleb. Cannot wait to see how the rest of this season unfolds.