I really enjoyed the finale. I'm a sap so not gonna lie, I ate up all those emotional moments. And I like how we've come to a kind of full circle moment with that ending. It felt like it could definitely be a series finale, but I believe it's set up for one final season. (Although apparently it hasn't officially been renewed yet?)

Overall, I enjoyed this season more than the previous two. There was a lot more coherence in the storytelling, which led to resolution and clarity I've been waiting for. And it was at the top of it's game stylistically.
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Oof, I found the start of this season strong, then it became disappointing… but that finale was actively bad.

Were there any lines of dialogue that weren’t exposition? I laughed out loud at Dolores’ and Teddy’s exchanges.

Music was excellent though, as ever, and all this has made me appreciate season 2 a lot more.
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The finale held absolutely no surprises. It just didn't have anything remotely new or interesting to say. But my goodness did the stellar cast sell every scene and the cinematography remains outstanding. I will be tuning in if it gets a final run, as surplus as it is likely to be.
I get the sense this show's chances at the Emmys will be limited to technical categories, but Tessa Thompson at least getting a nom for her expert take on a villainess would be pop justice.

I thought it was overall a solid season. I think you're right, @Scaper, that they didn't really find anything new or interesting to say, but given how in the weeds last season felt, I think that's fine. I'm just along for the ride at this point.

Side note, but that scene with Dolores on the park bench with the tree felt awfully "DVD release deleted scene," no?
The last couple of episodes had no real momentum and that was a let down. I enjoyed the emotional moments. Overall it seems to be building towards some sort of endgame so I guess the next season will be the last (if Zaslav lets us have it) but there was no real urgency to the finale and I was kind of bored.
The show lucked out with Tessa in that they cast her just before she got her Marvel role. So much of where they took Hale feels awfully like 'wow, we've now got this now high-profile actor on our books so we need to do something with her', leading to her becoming Dolores Hale. It would have been fine if they'd ensured that the trauma Dolores suffered at the park was pushing Hale's agenda forward and had given her some scenes with Christina to explore the conflict fully. She ended up just becoming a largely 2D villain, though, played very well by Tessa. I felt like you could see the impact that Covid had had on production in that there were clear 'units' for filming with only a select few actors moving between them.
Echoing a lot of the sentiments in here in that the finale didn’t quite hit the mark. This season really picked up mid way but fizzled out by episode 7. It was a season of moments and this finale at least reflected that. I will definitely stick around for a final season, though. I enjoyed it all enough for it to not feel like a waste of time.

I imagine if it does get picked up we might not see some cast members again: it feels like the series is properly done with Tessa Thompson (unfortunately) and Aaron Paul (thankfully). Maeve always does come back in some shape for form so I assume that won’t change. Same with MiB.

Will wait patiently and hopefully for a renewal, but who knows given whats going on.
So the real world has been destroyed in the show and we will move into the Sublime?

There's speculation that
The entire show is after the collapse of human civilization and what we've been watching is essentially various hosts running sandbox tests to see who comes out on top in the end. That would mean Dolores comes out on top at the end of S4 and is now doing one final try to see if things play out differently in a run of Westworld to determine if she can somehow usher in the return of humans in the real world I guess?
I did start questioning the nature of my reality during that messy finale, but my god it was all so pretty!!! I just stopped paying attention to what any of the characters were saying and enjoyed the bops. Made me want to wear a blue dress and go on a night out with Dolores in The Sublime!

I'm still amazed this is still going when nobody watches it, on a budget of like a trillion dollars. Bring on season 5! (please renew it nn)

I just binged this. It was amazing from the beginning and then became a slog midway thru, JUST like season 3. The ending was something, I guess. Charlotte's suicide was ICONIQUE. I REALLY HATE AARON PAUL/CALEB. I didn't use to hate him until he made his debut in Westworld. That scene where Dolores meets Halores in the cafe was giving The Real Housewives Of A Made Up World.

Daniel Wu remains a zad at his age. I don't think this should come back? I mean they wrapped up and told the story quite well so far. I like that open ending that they just went back to try again so we won't know what happened. The audience for this show tho from 1.9/2 million in season 1 and 2 to 0.32 million in season 4 per episode? GURL, stop, we're done. And the fact that they haven't announced a renewal makes me think this is over and I'm at peace with that.
Oh.... It was such a high profile show I thought a fifth season was guaranteed, I'm shocked and saddened by this. Last season ended on a sort of cliffhanger and we will never see the resolution? Very disappointing. I guess the show was too expensive.
One of the best shows on TV. Really sad about this! I'm still hoping they can wrap things up in some way...
Zaslav strikes again, I suppose. But he said he wants to make more Harry Potter films with JK Rowling.

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