I don't know what season 5 would've looked like -- basically S1 with some changes here and there? If the leaks years ago from someone who was allegedly working on the show are to be believed, the ultimate ending would've been about as confusing as the end of S2.

I'm satisfied with the way the most recent season concluded.
I have only watched season 1 and a bit of season 2, but season 1 in my opinion is one of the best seasons of television for a drama series ever. I will never forget it. Sad they aren't able to give the show a real planned ending though.
Season 1 and 2 stand tall for the magnificence they created. 3 was heinous and I haven’t watched 4 yet.
Season 3 ruined this show. The big hook was the parks, I don't see why they moved away from them AND stuck Aaron Paul as the star, he was so aggressively unlikable. They made it into a different show.
The big hook was the parks, I don't see why they moved away from them

This is why I couldn't stick with the show after season 1. It felt like they kind of destroyed the actual park of Westworld too early in the series. Like the show is called Westworld and part of the fun of the first season was seeing these characters in this specific park, and like sure I want them to escape or do their thing but season 2 was just so different I couldn't stay into it. And from reading what people had to say, I guess each season just got further from the original premise.
Only just seen the news. To be honest, I’m kind of glad it has been put out of its misery. The last two seasons have been so vastly disappointing compared to the quality of the first two; it’s been circling the drain for years.

I do hope we get to hear the intended plot for season 5 at some point, but I’m glad I don’t have to watch it.

(I know I wouldn’t have to even if it was made, but I’m in too deep!)