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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by AlmightyAloud, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. Well, now I'm seeing why Evan Rachel Wood gets first billing. She's quickly becoming the show's MVP. I hope, as the end of this most recent episode suggests, we'll be getting a lot more Thandie Newton, too. I'm really fascinated by their (and, frankly, most of the 'host') performances. It must be such a unique challenge for these actors to prepare for and shoot their scenes when they don't have normal, human impulses, drives, desires. At least not... yet.
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  2. 2014

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    Thandie is brilliant in this; such a brilliant idea for a series, there are so many ways they can go way with it. Looking forward to the next episode!
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  4. I have no idea what's happening but this is so good and Thandie is perfect.
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  5. Omg Thandie finding the bullet inside her x
  6. It's getting really a chore to watch. I don't care about what's going on in "narrative".
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  7. You might know one of the Nolan brothers is involved in this. If there's anyone more prone to the needlessly confusing and style over substance it's them.
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  8. I wonder how the ratings are in the States. I'm wondering if this will be another Vinyl..
  9. The laser-based satellite uplink.

  10. "Hello Felix, it's time you and I had a chaaaat."

    She. Did. That.
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  11. I loved all those scenes Rhomus mentioned but I needed to get through like 40 minutes of cheap philosophy & cowboys to get those few scenes that actually moved plote forward.
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  12. It's funny, @Monkey0, I can't stand that Nolan style of bloviating and, yet, I'm totally hooked by this show. Thus far.
  13. I was hooked for like two first episode but by third I just have difficulty keeping attention maybe it's issue of edit. They put all action at the end of episodes.
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  14. They're strong. Comparable to Game of Thrones' first season. Ratings dipped since the third episode but only because of The Walking Dead.
  15. I'm surprised they haven't dipped more.

    The first episode was great. All the rest have just meandered around. There's too many characters and scenarios, and it's pointlessly confusing.
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  16. I agree with this assessment.

    What happened to the lesbian agent kissing the sad whore? Never saw any more of that. The good looking Dolores love interest was important for an episode or two and then basically disappears. Same for some kind of board/executive drama playing out behind the scenes. Prince Caspian and the blonde guy went from being friends (brothers-in-law?) to enemies? And the dead girl who was El Lazo's daughter, and some kind of prophetess? Not sure why I should care about the Man in Black, seems boring as watching shit dry. I'd rather see the "dead" ones who got locked downstairs. Dolores isn't particularly involving either. Actually the whole cowboys and baddies thing is boring as hell.

    It's still not clear to me how the loops and days work in-universe, or how they get the bodies in and out in a timely fashion, or where the guests go to rest between loops, etc.

    Thandie is the best thing about the whole show. More of her please.
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  17. Even Thandie isn't really saving this. One of the biggest flaws of the show is that there isn't one likeable or well developed character. They could all be robots!

    I think the Man In Black is meant to be important, but he's deadly dull so far.

    They could have probably made a great movie out of this story, but stretching it out like this isn't doing anyone any favours.

    I honestly think that if it doesn't buck up that it'll be lucky to get a second season.
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  18. Yes, I think movie would have been a better format for this.

    I lowkey hope we do get a second series...in a completely different setting. Give me Queen Thandie Cleopatra, the Jewel of the Nile, and her court of sycophants and Romans.

    How many episodes is this season meant to have?
  19. 10 episodes, I think.

    I hope if it lands a second season they lose Jonathan Nolan. I blame him for all the show's shortcomings.
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