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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by AlmightyAloud, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. THIS^^^

    I also don't think the whole premise stands up to much scrutiny. The whole point of going to Westworld seems to be so that tourists can shoot people, but each time they do someone else's storyline must be interrupted. The constant stopping and starting of robots dying, people coming in to clean up the mess and then being reanimated the next day with no memory of what went before would be a particularly frustrating experience for any holiday maker (Never mind the viewer). It would also be entirely impossible for any planned story arcs to play out as they are all at the whim of the general public.

    The whole thing is too high concept to sustain and the constant retelling of the same stories are just tedious.

    I'm watching for now but don't anticipate sticking with it much longer.
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  2. I'll watch the rest of this series. Which will no doubt end on an elaborate cliffhanger that I probably won't understand.
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  3. Plot twist: Everyone is a bloody robot, the robot station is just another park, Anthony Hopkins is a hologram, Dolores is the creator Arnold who has been trolling everyone the entire time.
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  4. HBO seems to already be on board for a second season. https://variety.com/2016/tv/news/westworld-renewal-the-night-of-hbo-casey-bloys-1201902681/

    The only way I see this getting canceled is if they really don't want to pay up for the high production costs. But let's be honest: If The Leftovers can get three seasons, this show can most certainly get two.
  5. It may get another season, but that guy sounded like he was hedging his bets.
  6. Episode 5 was the most baffling yet.

    I've decided this show is like The X Files. It's good to look at, but makes little sense and every episode ends with no resolution. I think it's the only way I can get through the rest of the season!

    I'm hanging on for Evan going batshit crazy.
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  7. That was my immediate thought on discovering they were involved and if literally couldn't be any more Nolanesque if it tried.

    Giant plot holes, style over substance, makes little to know sense but if any of this is pointed out stans will tell you that you just don't 'get it'. It's Inception all over again.

    I think I'm giving up. Only sticking with it for Thandie but not sure even she's enough to keep me on board.
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  8. I think the main problem with the show is that, because there's clearly been back-room talks about extending it out for multiple seasons a la Game of Thrones, there's no urgency for them to resolve plotlines... or even move them along too much.

    I'm still enjoying it, however.
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  9. Evan Rachel Wood seems to be the focal point. She was a lot more fun in True Blood.
  10. There was a point in episode 5 where I became as hopelessly confused as I was during the Nolan Brothers' dreadful Memento film of some years back. I realise this may be due to my lack of intelligence, but I don't necessarily want to be reminded of that either!
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  11. It's got nothing to do with lack of intelligence (That's just what they would lead you to believe). It's basically just Emperor's New Clothes as all Nolan movies are.

    It's not clever or challenging it's just nonsense.
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  12. I still love this show x
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  13. I really like this, mostly because I love a high budget show. I think the "real" people/employees are all awful though.

    Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton really make it worthwhile and I think it'll properly go insane soon.

    I do have a hard time imagining multiple seasons of it. I mean if the robots full on revolt, surely they'll just be shut down...
  14. I am still really enjoying it, but yes they need to commit to some hard facts and revelations because otherwise they'll loose whatever tension is left.
    I think this article summed up the show's problems perfectly.

    That said, the fact that most of the last page of this thread is two people trying to convince each other that they're NOT stupid for NOT liking the show is hilarious to me.
    Special shout-out to this part of the conversation because it actually made me LOL :

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  15. In this golden age of television, I never understand the OCD completionists who need to stick with with a show they don't connect with. If it isn't working for you, why not move on to one of the dozens of other shows you've been meaning to check out?

    I had a similar experience with Boardwalk Empire. HBO's next 'big thing' at the time, rave reviews, a tony cast, Martin fucking Scorsese, great production values. I should've been all over that stuff. And, honestly, after two episodes, I had to just give it up. I didn't buy the one-note Steve Buscemi as a leading character and I felt like - funnily, speaking of Westworld - like I was watching a bunch of actors dressed up in period clothing play-acting as opposed to feeling immersed in the world. I accepted that others loved the show, I even found much to admire in it, but I didn't connect with its sensibilities, so I moved on.
  16. I really enjoyed this week's episode of The Thandie Newton Show with special guest stars, everyone else.
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  17. Strangely, I have the exact opposite problem. I will watch a show (most often binge it) thru all the seasons, then get to the last 2 episodes of the whole thing, and not watch. Clearly, I have some sort of issue.
  18. That's EXACTLY how I was with Game of Thrones at first. When the first season aired, I watched the entire season (streaming, so not in real time) up until halfway through Episode 9, then turned it off for some reason or other. Didn't pick it back up or watch another second of it until just last Summer when I binged the remainder of the series.
  19. The latest episode was brilliant, I adore the hooker character. Such a great actress.
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  20. I plowed through like four episodes of this on Saturday so once I catch up tonight, I'm excited to go through and read x
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