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Wet Leg - Self-Titled Debut Album (2022)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Sep 28, 2021.

  1. This comes out Friday!
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  2. A quick look through the reviews suggests it has a lot more to offer than just the well known singles too
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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I love them and can't WAIT for this album!
  4. It’s my second ‘release day’ album of the year (after the Mysterines)that’ll warrant a trip to the shops because I want it straight away.

    Both have been long runs of singles since last year with album taking an age to be released.

    just in time for Easter bank hols though!
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  5. The new album is nice. I have not yet connected with all of it but hopefully I will. They seem to be popular. There was an interview in a Norwegian newspaper last week. And Katie Pruitt (fellow musician) posted about them.
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  6. I started my first listen of the record, and so far I love the sound of it. It reminds me of the kookier music from the early seasons of Gossip Girl - like 'The Teenagers' or 'The Virgins'.
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  7. Loving this.
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  8. First listen through and I’m really enjoying it. Yes of course the 5 songs already released make it sound familiar but those new to me have a pulling power too. Especially so ‘I don’t wanna go out’ with it’s Bowie guitar hook.
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  9. I think it is safe to move this to the general Pop Justice thread. They're going to be Number 1 in the UK.
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  10. This is great, I love em. The video is also very good.
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  11. And that’s not a surprise!

    outselling next best album 4:1 at present
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  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Pop & Justice here we come!!!
  13. Oh my, I’ll be chatting out in the mainstream of P&j!
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  14. Well deserved. This is a great album. Been playing on repeat.
  15. Supermarket >>>
  16. I've had this on repeat for the past 24 hours and absolutely love it. All feels very fun and fresh. Too Late Now is such a vibe.
  17. Harry Styles cover of Wet Dream:

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  18. Album of the year so far, tbh.
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