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Wet - Still Run (2nd album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by eck, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. eck


    So I posted abit about Wet in Sound of 2016 and seemed there were a few people who loved the stuff I posted, but noticed there wasn't a thread about them, so here it is.

    Basically, if you love London Grammar, you'll love them. They opened for London Grammar during their Australian tour and I basically fell in love with them since. It's been a while since I've been this excited for a new band.

    If you wanna see them live, they just announced an Europe tour:

    11.3.16 ~ Amsterdam, NL
    12.3.16 ~ Cologne, GER
    14.3.16 ~ Berlin, GER
    16.3.16 ~ Paris, FR
    18.3.16 ~ Brighton, U.K.
    19.3.16 ~ Leeds, U.K.
    21.3.16 ~ Glasgow, U.K.
    22.3.16 ~ Manchester, U.K.
    23.3.16 ~ London, U.K.


    First album comes out January 29th, 2016.
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  2. That Pitchfork review is so harsh. I'm looking forward to the album anyway.
  3. eck


    Well I can see why they reviewed it that way, but I guess I'll leave it to my own ears to make the decision.
  4. I'm really into this. I think the best songs we've already heard, but Move Me is stunning as well.
  5. Yeah that Pitchfork review seemed a tad too harsh, but I also get some of the critique. I gave the album a spin today and basically if you like the songs released thus far, you'll love it. It's a very specific vibe and not something I'm gonna sweat to at the gym, or play to wake myself up. But it's a chill album, and I think people around here will enjoy it.
  6. I love every track, it's pretty much an album tailor made to my tastes.
  7. Mine too. Bliss.
    They should cover Nicole's Wet for Live Lounge.
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  9. This album is exquisite, fuck Pitchfork.
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  10. The album is GORGEOUS.

    They should cover this and dedicate it to them.
    Fuck Them Pitches.

  11. I really like the album, but it still hasn't hit me in the right mood for it. I'm having a hard time getting into slow music as of lately, when I probably would've been instantly all over this type of music a few years ago.

    Some early thoughts on it:

    All the Ways is very Jessie Ware.

    You're the Best is incredible.

    They should work on something with Ryn Weaver.

    They should work on something with everyone, really. Everyone needs a little Wet on their tracklisting.
  12. I like the album, but it is far too buzz-band-y for me. It's a problem I've been having with a lot of new acts recently; they put out like 4/5 excellent buzz tracks over a couple of years and get a shitload of blog coverage, but by the time the album finally comes, it's dominated by 2/1-year-old songs plus some samey filler, so naturally no one's interested anymore.

    This is a nice record but I don't picture myself returning to it in a year's time.

    All The Ways is really, really great though.
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  13. Body is my favourite of the new tracks, followed by Island.
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  14. Aren't they like...the only new tracks though?
  15. A&E


    They have a lovely sound. Can't wait for them to release a song.
  16. I hadn't heard five of them.
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  17. Oh sorry! That's fair enough then.
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  18. Have we not discussed anything about the new album Still Run?

    I love the new single Lately, and all of its subtle homage to Janet Jackson.
  19. I'm looking for a thread too, fuck me up 'Lately' is incredible. Their first album is one of my all time favourite 'chill' albums, so I'm super hyped for the next. The melodies already seem a lot stronger.

    @eck fancy changing the name of the thread? @2014 how about we shift this to the next big things subthread so it doesn't just sink?
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