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We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by jsd, Jan 19, 2010.

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    Their Look at the Hits on that best of cd/dvd is brilliant - and Big Bang is too amazing!
  3. My fave girlband of the 80s... genius. I have every format of every release, sometimes twice. Their 1986 cassette 'Radio Fuzzbox' is brilliant... Vicky left to go solo, much to the annoyance of the other three, and then she ended up TV presenting for a bit and then disappeared, before forming a live band, Vix, which never got signed. Fuzzbox reformed in the late '90s for a one-off Gay Pride event in Birmingham and there's been several radio session/demos/remix CD packages, plus the essential CD+DVD 'Look At The Hits On That!'. Their third album was called 'Out Of This World' and appeared on release schedules but it was never fully completed. I did a Fuzzbox fanzine in the 90s called 'Heavenly Metal!'.
  4. I taught at a primary school in Aston, inner city B'ham a few years back and Vix came in to do some vocal training for an after school singing group...she was wicked. And the caretaker fancied her.
  5. A rare case of an 80s indie band who got a glossy major-label makeover and still remained good. I loved the pseudo-Frankie Goes To Hollywood feel of the Big Bang album.

  6. Ah, I've only recently got into them but the Best Of is brilliant (and a Bis remix - J'adore!). Must watch the videos soon. Kenickie seemed to be quite heavily influenced by them (or if not then they certainly remind me of them) which is no bad thing.
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    Love em. Smart girls. Took the major record company big bucks and just about survived. Self, Your Loss My Gain, their cover of Walking On Thin Ice, What's The Point, Rules and Regulations - all bostin'! Favourite memory of them is on some trashy Saturday morning when the backing tape went a bit skew-wiff and they looked at each other all just burst out laughing and carried on! They had exactly the right attitude for this pop malarkey. And Jo came out a few years ago in the Pink Paper, which was nice.
  8. Oh, I thought she had formed a new band or have they split up?


    I loved Fuzzbox but have to say I liked them more when the went more glam! I always thought there earlier music and image were for weekend goths. Obviously years later I was a bit ashamed of my predjudice and embraced their earlier material..... oh the snobbishness of youth.
    It's a shame there are no girl groups around at the moment who do not take themselves to seriously like Fuzzbox.
  9. The fact that Pink Sunshine hasn't been linked to yet on this thread is a travesty.

    Let's remedy that

    (Oooh - name the video that unintentionally references the opening shot. It's a PJ favourite)

  10. Ha! The Pink Sunshine video is ace! I too miss girl bands who don't take themselves seriously.
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    Big Bang was produced by Andy Richards who played keyboards on Frankie and all the Frankie-era ZTT bands. He used a lot of the same sounds for Fuzzbox.

    And yeah, that album is great. I still listen to it all the time.
  12. I loved Fuzzbox. They were always on this Saturday morning show - I think it had an alien called Gilbert who hosted it. I dunno. Anyway, the girls were ace.

    I always wanted Girls Aloud to cover Pink Sunshine. But in hindsight, that would probably be terrible.
  13. 'Get Smart'! Loved it. 1987-89-ish I think... Charlotte and Gaz Top. I have some clips of that show... Siouxsie Sioux twatting Charlotte in the face with a feather boa. Good times.
  14. Gaz Top....

    *shudders at the memory*

  15. Get Fresh? It wasn't as bad as the following ones with Nobby The Sheep.
  16. Yes! Sorry, Get Smart was the 60s spy comedy show... silly me!
  17. Oh I remember that vaguely, although I was very young when it was on. I remember thinking how disgusting Gilbert the Alien was. I'm sure I had a computer game with him on. Wikipedia tells me that Janet Street-Porter produced it!
  18. Ah yes, JSP and her obsession with Yoof TV. Stupid cow ruined television in the 80s and did untold damage to those generations with shit programmes that gave you ADHD if you could manage to keep watching. And now has the gall to complain about the state we're in!

  19. From Wikipedia:

    The above quote suggests to me that it may be possible to piece together the official intended tracklisting of the third album "Out Of This World" from these two releases:



    Can anyone cherrypick an exact list of the precise tracks (from each of these two releases) that were intended to form "Out Of This World" ?

    Plus, was the actual sequential track running order of "Out Of This World" ever revealed on any of the pre-release schedules from 1990 ?
  20. Out Of This World was never recorded. There are no demos post Your Loss, My Gain, their final single in 1990. All of the demos on these releases pre-date 1990 and are from 1986-89. It's in the sleeve notes. There is one track included on the 'Look At The Hits On That!' CD+DVD called 'You', which was apparently going to be their next single, but it had been around for years before that.
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