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Weyes Blood general discussion (inc Titanic Rising)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. My new obsession. Lana, Laura Nyro and Victoria Justice rolled into one.
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  2. New video for 'Used To Be'. One for you @AmbivalentToBritney - there's such a classical feel to her voice. 'Generation Why' still breaks my heart.
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  3. Ooooh, thanks again for a great recommendation Joe - enjoying this!
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  4. New EP with Ariel Pink. This track is.......interesting. Cute folk but then.....The Darkness?
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  5. [​IMG]

    It's exquisite, act surprised. New album due sometime in Q2.

    ( @NecessaryVoodoo xx )
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  6. The album is called "Titanic Rising" and is due April 4. It was kind of accidentally revealed by a since-deleted store listing last night but it was just officially announced so w/e.


    01 “A Lot’s Gonna Change”
    02 “Andromeda”
    03 “Everyday”
    04 “Something To Believe”
    05 “Titanic Rising”
    06 “Movies”
    07 “Mirror Forever”
    08 “Wild Time”
    09 “Picture Me Better”
    10 “Nearer To Thee”

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  7. Everything I want to say sounds like shade. Her work is linear, and almost flat dynamically, plus she sings in a distracted sort of fashion that's almost anti-emotive. And I love her. Very excited to hear the new album.
  8. I don't know how she's gonna top Front Row Seat to Earth (one of my favourite albums) but I'm excited to hear the attempt.

    @2014 can you move ha to Next Big Thinks, pls x
  9. A: This is incredible.

    B: One out of one hipster publications agree.



    I'm about to dive in.
  10. Just discovered her music. Really good!
  11. Her last album was so amazing and Movies could be her best song yet!
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  12. 'Movies' in both song and video form - just stunning.
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  13. I know it's leakedT but NPR also have the album to stream before it comes out next Friday.

    Bit early to say for definite but think this is AOTY material. There's something about Natalie's phrasing this time around and the way she sometimes layers her vocals atop the lush instrumentation that makes me think of... like a Carpenters album on cassette that got drenched and has gone a bit warped. Needless to say, I stan (even more than I did before).
  14. Waiting for this to arrive tonight to listen to the full thing, but I’m a little late to the party in saying Andromeda might be my favorite song of the year. Holy shit.
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  15. Seriously gorgeous album. Everything flows together really well & it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome.

    I think my favorites are Picture Me Better, Movies, Andromeda, & Mirror Forever.

  16. I'm fairly certain it's my favourite album of the year so far. The vocal runs in Something to Believe, god help me.
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