Weyes Blood

Her covers are always excellent and You're No Good is no exception. She's such a good singer and I love how she's not holding back in this one. Her voice is also a perfect fit for these 70ies songs.

I've been wondering if Antonoff will produce her next album? Been thinking this since their paths crossed during Lana's Chemtrails-era, but maybe they've already known each other before. Natalie's the type of musician I could definitely see working with him. If they do, I just hope after Clairo and Lorde it's not gonna be yet another watered down instrumentation with NFR-sprinkles but rather a more psychedelic take on the Titanic Rising Soundscape.
I am perched for the next era and while I trust her, I’d rather not see another Jack production credit for our talented female songwriters. She’s so much more adventurous than his productions. I mean Movies eats just about everything he’s done alive on a production front

This baroque cardialgia phantasie...

I'm ready to heal.


I'm pretty sure the harp is played by Mary Lattimore (love her), as Stereogum notes:
"She co-produced it primarily with Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado, and it features guest appearances from Meg Duffy, Daniel Lopatin [Oneohtrix Point Never], and Mary Lattimore."

Worth noting in the letter:
Titanic Rising was the first album of three in a special trilogy. It was an observation of things to come, the feelings of impending doom. And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow is about entering the next phase, the one in which we all find ourselves today — we are literally in the thick of it.
I love her description of the cover too:
My heart, like a glow stick that’s been cracked, lights up my chest in a little explosion of earnestness. And when your heart's on fire, smoke gets in your eyes.

I'm so incredibly excited for this.