What album (s) do you keep buying?

You know what I am talking about. That album you love so much that you want to re-experience buying it again. Or the record label keeps reissuing it and you just have to purchase it again. Or you just need one "for the car".

For me it is Fleetwood Mac's Rumours which I have the 2004 reissue, the deluxe set and the DVD-A.

Also Kylie's Aphrodite. I tend to find new, sealed copies in thrift stores so I can't help myself. Plus I have the 3-CD set.

Come on, we won't judge.
For me it's any Blondie album.
I have multiple formats, box sets, limited editions etc.

I have 5 versions of the new album Pollinator on pre order including a cassette version. How retro.
I think the album I've bought the most (it's not my fave of all time though) is Tori Amos's 'Under the Pink':

- original Australian CD, bought in March 1994
- bought the CD again in July 1994 to get the 'free' Under the Pink Video Collection VHS
- bought it again in November 1994 as the 2-CD tour edition with 'More Pink' b-sides collection disc
- got the UK vinyl edition of it in 2002
- bought the 2015 2-CD remastered reissue, which I haven't yet listened to

I also got the sheet music book for the album in 1994.
The albums I have bought the most would have to be Kylie's PWL albums

Originals at the time on cassette
First three in a CD boxset in the 00s
Let's Get To It iTunes download
Cherry Red 2CD versions
Cherry Red deluxe reissue boxes, ludicrously overpriced at £59.99 each but ordered on the day of the announcement

I would cheerfully snap up a Kylie PWL singles boxset too!
Every re-issue, special packaging etc of albums from Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Diana Ross and Pet Shop Boys. From just these four artists I have around 1.200 CD's (including singles, promos etc).

Madonna's True Blue is probably the one I have the most editions of - loads of different CD's, LP's and MC´s.
I think there will be a handful of people on here for whom the answer is 'Foxbase Alpha'.

I've only bought it twice, thrice if you include 'Foxbase Beta'.

I think there are a few albums I own, or have owned, four copies of. New Order's 'Low-life' and The Smiths' 'Hatful of Hollow' spring to mind. Three copies of Erasure's self titled, too.
Come to think of it my pre-order bundle of 'Home Counties' flies in near the top of the chart on the day of release (delivery):

LP with download
I have the Japanese reissue with the DVD of the Hung Up and Sorry videos and making-ofs for both videos plus two or three copies of the domestic release.

EDIT: I would gladly buy this album again.
I have that version as well. Love it! Also have several different regional releases, including one from Taiwan in a pretty slipcase. Oh, and the pink vinyl of course...