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What album (s) do you keep buying?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. Rio - Duran Duran
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  2. There are just way too many to mention....
    I have always loved music and come from a time many formats ago
    I remember having many on 8-track such as Donna Summer, Carly Simon, Grease (SDTK), Olivia Newton-John, ELO, etc...
    then I started collecting 45s & 78s.....but it seems as soon as I was knee high into vinyl, along came cassettes & cassingles....so I natuarlly had to repurchase all my favorites....I had built up quite a nice collection....but along came CDs.....this seemed the better deal to last and carry around...so I had to start all over.
    In the early to mid 90s....I thought it was going to catch on, so I purchased many mini-discs, such as Faith, Thriller, Footloose, Immaculate Collection Falling Into You, well over 50 of them (mostly Sony Titles) ...but it turned out to be a waste as they never caught on...just as soon as it seemed CDs were the stopping point, along comes digital media....I have repurchased & ripped my whole collection...and of coarse as soon as they re-release an album (Expanded, Deluxe, Re-mastered, etc) I have to buy it if I like the album...
    I do actually have well over 1000 CDs (I like to have the back-up)....
    but you have to wonder what is next...a trip to a scientist and have an album implanted in the brain so we can just think of said album, tap your nose and
    have it play inside your head? If it is I do have a list of my favorite Top 20 to start with
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  3. I feel like CD's are the ultimate format. I don't care one bit about digital but I will happily buy any expanded/deluxe edition of an album I love, as long as it is on physical format.

    I have never counted my CD collection - but it is somewhere between 5.000-10.000 discs (+vinyl) and I'm adding to it every week.
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  4. I just can't get into vinyl. I don't know what it is. I remember growing up, vinyl was on its way out. I just remember having albums scratched or they would skip. So, I always worried about buying an album and it would skip. I think Janet Jackson's Control was the last album I bought on vinyl before moving to compact discs. The only vinyl I buy nowadays are records that are included in super deluxe sets like Tango in the Night. Having said that, some of the vinyl reissues look gorgeous with beautiful artwork and special discs (ie. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me reissue).

    I do love collecting the Japanese mini-lp reissues with the obi strip. They are gorgeous.
  5. Vinyl was an "old" format on it's way out too to me in the late 80s growing up when the format of choice was cassette. My mum's collection was on vinyl and I always found the whole ritual of turning the record over every few songs, dropping the needle on the right place, the damn thing skipping and crackling, so archaic even then!

    The only vinyl I have in my collection is the very few that come in deluxe boxsets like Tango In The Night and the PWL Kylie albums. They look very nice framed but that's the extent of their usefulness to me.

    The recent resurgence in vinyl, while the far superior CD format dies a slow and painful death, is something that I will never understand.
  6. I grew up with vinyl. It's shite. Unless you have enormously expensive equipment and spend ages 'cleaning' your records you'll never get the best out of the format. Of course, even then you're at the mercy of the pressings themselves. I'm on that 'other' forum where vinyl is mostly celebrated and it's full of tales of folks laying down £40 on a newly pressed LP only to find it's warped or the hole is off centre! Not to mention all the 'surface noise'.

    CDs were a godsend to me. Even the badly remastered ones are superior to vinyl. I will say the latter can be beautiful and it feels like more than of an event buying LPs over other formats. But still...

    I wouldn't worry too much about the CD format dying off anytime soon. Vinyl is still a niche market I think. Too expensive and not easily available as well. Every new chart release is still put on CD and all the deluxe editions/box sets flooding out prove there's life in the old dog yet.
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  7. I do hope you are right!

    I would hate the CD to vanish completely in my lifetime and hopefully if all us in Comeback Corner keep on buying deluxe boxsets they will keep on making it!

    I always wished I had made the switch to CD far earlier, I stuck with cassettes, cassingles and my trusty Walkman until 1995! All completely useless now of course.
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  8. I was a relatively early CD buyer. 1985, when they were very expensive and there were only about 50 titles available! Never regretted it though. As I said, I grew up with records (and tapes) and I had no qualms about ditching them when I started buying CDs.
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  9. I just realized I have three copies of Little Mix's Glory Days already. The CD/DVD, the Japanese CD/DVD and a sealed standard edition I found in a thrift shop last week.

    And somehow I ended up with all three versions of Fleetwood Mac's Tango in the NIght reissue. @Eric Generic teas.

    I need help.
  10. Great idea for a thread! My spontaneous answer would be Roxette, but that's probably not true. Unfortunately, they've gone down the 'let's-release-a-new-greatest-hits-every-six-months road' rather than giving us decent reissues and deluxe editions of the classic albums. While the 2009 remasters were very good in terms of sound (except Crash! Boom! Bang!), the presentation was just appalling and cheap. So, while I might have bought the occasional import version to get an exclusive Spanish track or Japanese bonus track, I haven't really purchased any of their albums more than three times. That's not really excessive, is it?

    I need some more time to think about this and will report back later tonight.
  11. Kids like vinyl these days because they buy a lux item to look at, play once or twice but essentially only listen via Spotify. Us tortured 'will it start skipping?' souls never had that luxury.
  12. True Blue - I have, er, "several" copies on all formats, imports and domestic, originals and re-issues.

    I'm probably only missing the duvet cover and beach towel.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. Those Taiwan slipcase versions are so nice. I've got quite a few of the Madonna ones and I think they're nicer than Japanese releases. Even the extra lyric booklets are in full colour.
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  14. I would love to have that towel and proudly display it on the beach.
  15. That towel! Torture seeing randoms having it on the beach.
  16. I would totally buy every version of a True Blue deluxe. That Herb Ritts cover is iconic and it's an amazing album, of course.
  17. Chris Rea - On The Beach
    LP (10 tracks)
    LP (13 tracks)
    CD (UK)
    CD (West Germany)
    CD (Japan)

    There's more.....
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  18. Still trying to think. It's probably one of the albums released in '88 or '89, just before I started buying CDs. My guess would be Bad: First on vinyl, then on CD when I realised it had a bonus track, then wearing the CD out and buying a new version, then getting the 2001 remaster and finally buying the Bad 25 box. And you know what, I'd probably still buy it again if there was a new edition. For all of its flaws (I'm looking at you, Stevie Wonder), it just gives me joy.
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  19. I actually have the duvet cover - and a b&w version of the beach towel!
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  20. Songs from the Big Chair - Tears For Fears
    Rio - Duran Duran
    Porcelain - Julia Fordham
    Flowers in the Dirt - Paul McCartney
    The Lexicon of Love -ABC

    Are the albums i have most copies of, cd, vinyl and cassette plus reissues of all...
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