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What album (s) do you keep buying?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. It will come as a surprise to some but unfortunately for me it is American Life by Madonna, the box set.
    For some absurd reason I was sure that just like all previous special editions of hers (not many) it would sell out and become highly collectable and I would be able to exchange it with fans, or something. I also had money to spend, obvs, so I bought 12 copies.
    I still have them all. 12 copies of Madonna's worst album ever. Add a couple of regular versions, two of the vinyl.
    A close second is probably Donna Summer Live & More with possibly around ten copies, mostly all from different countries and including two of
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  2. I would happily take a copy of that amazing Donna Summer picture disc off your hands if you have one or nine to spare!
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  3. *quite jealous*

    I remember seeing the duvet cover for sale on a market stall when I was a kid but I wasn't allowed to have it.
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  4. Similar story over here! I guess my parents weren't crazy about the idea of giving their son a Madonna duvet cover when he should be craving one with some footballer (he was not!). I didn't get the cover until about 10 years later, when a friend gave it to me (used but still in great condition).
  5. I wonder how many boys that True Blue duvet turned gay?
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  6. Kylie Minogue's self titled album from 1994. I have about half a dozen versions of it.
  7. In bed with Madonna.
  8. For years, my most-repeated purchase was Hats by The Blue Nile:

    Original UK CD (pale blue label)
    Second UK CD (different font design on the sleeve)
    Third UK CD (pink label)
    US CD on A&M label
    Original UK CD as part of 2-disc promo set with Walk Across The Rooftops - "From Tinseltown to Downtown")
    Original UK vinyl
    UK 2CD deluxe

    But now with Tango In The Night all reissued and multi-formatting, it will soon take over I think...

    Original UK vinyl LP
    Original UK casette
    Original UK CD
    2017 Super Deluxe Edition
    ..and I will get the 2CD digipak next time I go to the supermarket.

    Plus my third variation of The Chain: 25 Years arrived today, so I have..

    Original 4CD hardcase edition
    Reissued 4CD edition in clear fatbox and card slipcase
    2CD "Selections from The Chain" in slipcase
  9. @UnionJackMix I would gladly purchase a copy of that boxset, if 12 copies is too much for you, haha.
    My multi-purchase album is Confessions, of course, three copies so far - pink vinyl, Japanese Deluxe and Special Edition... and I do have both the standard and deluxe MDNA, but I'll probably sell both and buy the Japanese version. One disc for the win!
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  10. I bought the Japanese SHM CD of this a couple of years ago.

    As, I expect, did you!
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  11. I forgot

    U2 - Achtung Baby
    CD reissue
    2xCD reissue
    Super Deluxe Box
    Uber Box
    4xLP Box
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  12. Electronic's debut album "Electronic" from 1991:

    Back in 1991 I purchased the US Import CD which had "Getting away with it" as the "extra" track (Warner Bros)
    I also purchased the UK cassette version for the car which does not contain "Getting away with it" (Factory)

    Then a decade later I purchased again on CD which does contain "Getting away with it" (Parlophone)

    Then in 2011 I purchased another copy CD which does not contain "Getting away with it (Factory)

    Then when I joined Spotify, I created my own version of the CD in a playlist which contains "Getting away with it" and "Disappointed" (Hairycub1969 playlists)

    Phew! I still own them all. The cassette I had to rescue at a "Brit Pop" party back in Summer 1996 as I saw somebody put it in their rucksack when they thought I wasn't looking.....I was fuming! But I managed to retrieve it when they were busy getting drunk!
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  13. Luckily, they didn't get away with it.
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  14. I most certainly did, and in case some don't know, they actually replicated the die-cut gatefold so that it is a genuine mini replica of the LP.

    Attached Files:

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  15. That Live and More reissue is one of my favourite reissues. The sound is stunning and like you said it is a genuine replica. It should be in every music collector's collection!
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  16. That LP replica was beautiful. The Japanese do such a great job with this stuff.
  17. Cyndi Laupers She's so unusual,

    original 80s LP,
    USA Lp picture Disc
    USA limited edition remastered LP
    Japan Picture Disc LP,
    UK splattered vinyl reissue LP,
    Japan 3 disc reissue CD
    USA 2 disc bedroom fold out sleeve reissue,
    UK reissue CD 2002,

    still an amazing debut,
  18. I seem to have acquired several copies of Kylie's Impossible Princess over time..... the original titled CD from Oz on import back in 97/98, a UK CD with hologram cover, the cassette version and the 2CD reissue..... of course if it comes out again as another reissue with bonus material I shall snap it up too......
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  19. I bought two copies of Samantha Fox's I Wanna Have Some Fun and Expose's What You Don't Know on cassette. Just in case one broke.
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  20. Good reason to get another one!

    I am starting to buy a second copy of digipak-issued CDs. I already need to get another copy of Grace Jones' Nightclubbing because that stunning cover has already been nicked!
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