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What album (s) do you keep buying?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. Cassettes did used to get chewed up back then and the Expose album would not have been easily replaceable in those days so I bought two, one as a back-up.

    They never did break.
  2. If I see very cheap, perfect copies of anything I already own that's become a little bit worn or just wasn't perfect from the start, I tend to get them.
  3. Japanese mini LPs are probably my favourite type of CD. I wish international labels would do these and to the same immaculate standards. Whenever they attempt them there's always something a bit off and cheap looking about them compared to the Japanese versions.
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  4. I know what you mean. The others are too tight and generally poorly made. The Japanese releases are stunning. The other Donna SHMs I bought were just as lovely as Live & More.
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  5. I know that Demon reissued Dionne Warwick's '60s output with those multi-album sets but the Japanese released her '60s albums in beautiful mini LPs a few years ago as well and I just love them.

    All of those Donna mini LPs are worth buying. I bought Live and More, I Remember Yesterday, Once Upon a Time and On the Radio, but I wish I bought all of them.
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  6. They're the ones I bought. I didn't get Bad Girls as it was the same master as the 2003 deluxe edition.
  7. I did that with US digipak CD singles, mainly the Madonna ones. They look so good when new but I was worried about denting the sleeves or something so started buying them all again and kept the new ones sealed... just in case. (They're still sealed 15-20 years later and the others are still fine!)
  8. I am surprised I only have ONE copy of Dame Liza's Results album (the CD/DVD reissue).

    Flop fan.

    Flop Popjusticer.
  9. You must rectify this immediately and buy it on vinyl.

    And cassette.
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  10. Streaming has finally solved this problem for me but I did buy Spice like three times lol.
  11. Noooo, some do this buy they just aren't the same. Somehow the Japanese ones are special and always better. Look at the Culture Factory ones, they are just an imitation next to the Japanese ones.
  12. I hate digipaks, and I've started consciously avoiding them at all costs. If there's a plastic version of some single, I'll buy that one. Same with cardboard singles... You know that CD will get ruined without an extra plastic cover.
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  13. Am I the only one who opens the shrinkwrap carefully on the spine and slip it off and on again?
    Otherwise, as I feel that it's a shame to avoid them because they are so pretty and more reminiscent of vinyl sleeves, to buy the tiny resealable sleeves for them.
  14. When I buy Japanese MLPS, I always slit the protective cover where the disc comes out so the sleeve is forever protected. I have found that most Japanese sellers send you new sleeves with your orders anyway..
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  15. I have the original vinyl in my parents attic ... at the time I usually bought cassettes but for some reason the metalic burgandy sleeve made me buy it in the 'bigger' version ... Have since bought the cd (£5 in the woolies sale in 1992) and the re-issue ...

    3 purchases of most things seems to be the norm (original lp/tape and then cd and then re-issue) ... although I have 4 Actually's and Introspectives ...
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  16. I think the most I've got is about forty or fifty copies of Depeche Mode's Speak and Spell. Next one would be Music For The Masses on about forty copies.

    Singles wise, I think Tainted Love is going to win. I have around sixty copies including eleven of the leather sleeved CD single in a variety of different colours none of which are playable.
  17. You win the thread.
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  18. Yes, I was thinking about this and for most albums I bought on vinyl or tape between 1984 and 1987, enough time has passed for them to have been issued not only on the original CDs, but a 90s reissue and/or a more recent deluxe/SDE. So we're looking at maybe 4, and certainly 3 purchases of my favourite 80s albums.
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  19. Yeah I'd say I've bought all my favourite albums on cassette on release in the late 80s/early 90s, upgraded to CD late 90s/early 00s and then the deluxe reissue in the last few years. We 80s fans have been truly spoiled (and have spent a fortune buying the same music over and over again).
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  20. I am also ashamed to admit I have multiple copies of Christmas albums. I have so many copies of the Boney M Christmas Album that I have started giving them away as gifts.
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