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What album (s) do you keep buying?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. To think that in these times we usually don't even get ONE physical format of "singles". I have had to resort to Chinese bootlegs for some of the latest Madonna and Kylie singles (although these are quite well made).
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  2. No exaggeration, I bought 5 copies of Angels With Dirty Faces by Sugababes. 2 wore out on my portable CD player and 2 were gifts. I think the 5th could probably play all the way through if I tried it now.
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  3. I think mine is Lutricia McNeal's debut album, the tracklisting changed twice.
  4. Dexys 'Don't Stand Me Down' for me. Have :

    1st CD reissue on Creation (bought after reading a superlative review of it in a MelodyMaker book, third cd in a '3 for £21' deal - took a risk on it - what a result !).
    2nd 'Director's Cut' cd reissue with dvd.
    Vinyl. Found a vinyl copy on ebay at a decent price, snapped it up.
    Vinyl. Found another cheap copy on ebay - can never have too many copies.....

    The two cds are hard to come by, so I'm glad to have them. There was an RSD coloured vinyl reissue at one stage, so I'll hopefully get that as well.
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  5. P.S. If any friendly PJers ever come across a copy of the album on cassette on their charity shop visits, please pick it up for me and I shall reward you handsomely.
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  6. Will do! I read once that Kevin was unhappy with the 1997 Creation CD, some fancy sound thing they did with it apparently didn't turn out quite right. I had both a 1CD and a CD/DVD copy of The Director's Cut, but sold the former.
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  7. I have the Creation reissue having passed over the EMI Directors Cut version many times before it went out of print and got more expensive than I wanted to pay. "I Love You (Listen to this)" is wonderful.
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  8. I imagine if they used that as the first single it would've went Top 10 and the album would sell decent numbers. But after that a 'Tusk' situation with copies clogging up the second hand/charity shops.
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  9. Check out Uncut's "History Of Rock" 1985 issue, there's a lengthy and interesting interview/article with Kevin about Don't Stand Me Down in there. It really was a hubristic decision to forego a lead single, especially when there were great potential choices.

    Imagine if Kate Bush had just reappeared with Hounds Of Love, refusing to issue Running Up That Hill or anything else first.
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  10. When I was a kid I wore out two copies of Ace of Base's The Bridge on cassette. Since then it's mostly been reissues that make me buy something again, or times when friends "borrowed" an album from me and then "forgot" to return it. There are also quite a few times when I've gotten something digitally but then later love it so much I have to have the physical as a memento/backup.
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  11. Actually i have loads of copies of All That Jazz by Breathe, many different sleeves!!!
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  12. Both albums featured in this book (best giveway ever?). Both in my all time top 10.

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  13. I bought three copies of Fever of Kylie Minogue. The first one was the cassette tape, then the CD and the third was a special 2CD edition.
  14. Since most of the artists I like were past their heyday when I started buying them, I don't own that many repeated/reissued stuff, but I did buy a few different editions of Bananarama's Greatest Hits Collection, only because each one had different tracklistings/mixes in it!

    I wonder who bought the many-coloured editions of Michael Jackson's Invincible? How many were there? about 6? I remember wanting to buy it but then I heard the lead single and never ended up buying it cos I didn't like it.
  15. This reminded me of the tactic Polygram used for the first Big Country album, The Crossing, in 1983. It was issued in green, red and blue sleeves over the course of its first year in the shops.
  16. Barring Bjork/and Sinead my list is about the same.

    I've also bought Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music's entire catalog in virtually every format, and they continue to be re-issued in Japan (the latest Cardboard Sleeve iteration is pretty great). I recently "had" to complete my John Foxx collection, again, too.
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  17. I bought the Bryan Ferry SHM SACDs a couple of years ago. Had a few of the Roxy Music ones too.
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  18. The Roxy Music boxset from a few years ago is a thing of beauty. All the studio albums in thick quality replica sleeves, and a double-CD of B-sides, edits and related guff. All in a glossy box that epitomises Roxy class.
  19. i have 3 vinyl (one standard, one in a boxset, one a deluxe edition reissue) and 3 CD (one a battered original copy, one a deluxe edition 2CD set and one sealed one from pound land that i didn't need but oh well fuck it, it was a pound) copies of Back To Black by my girl Amy.
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