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What Are You Listening To?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by clockworknovak, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Somehow i did not expect something so poignant and heartbreaking as this coming from her.Guess i was not looking carefully.
  2. HANA's 'Clay'. My absolute favorite song to listen to while high. That melody. Unf.

  3. Relatable bop I guess
    ''Need you, baby, like a breathe you, baby''

  4. Such a perfect listen for spring/summer, and the production is flawless

  5. So feel good pop.
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  6. To my new chart for the next couple of hours :)

    POPdroid's POPlist 2017#09




    NEW: Haim, LCD Soundsystem, Grizzly Bear, Bazart, Timber Timbre (chart)

    01 Blanche: City Lights
    02 The War on Drugs: Thinking of a Place
    03 HAIM: Want You Back
    04 Cigarettes after Sex: Apocalypse
    05 Clara Luciani: Comme toi
    06 London Grammar: Oh Woman Oh Man
    07 LCD Soundsystem: American Dream
    08 HAIM: Right Now
    09 Calypso Valois: Vis à vie
    10 Peter Peter: Bien réel

    11 LCD Soundsystem: Call the Police
    12 Father John Misty: Total Entertainment Forever
    13 Los Angeles Police Department: Grown
    14 STUFF.: Galapagos
    15 TOPS: Petals
    16 Grizzly Bear: Three Rings
    17 Soldout: Forever
    18 Juliette Armanet: L'amour en solitaire
    19 Hazel English: More Like You
    20 School Is Cool: Trophy Wall

    21 Blondino: Jamais sans la nuit
    22 Day Wave: Promises
    23 Feist: Pleasure
    24 Declan McKenna: Brazil
    25 Bazart: Lux
    26 Roméo Elvis x Le Motel: Drôle de question
    27 Soul'Art: Django
    28 Juniore: Difficile
    29 The Jungle Giants: Feel the Way I Do
    30 Moonchild: Cure

    31 Royal Blood: Lights Out
    32 Amy Shark: Weekends
    33 Alexia Gredy: Paradis
    34 HMLTD: To the Door
    35 Témé Tan: Sè Zwa Zo
    36 Lana Del Rey feat. The Weeknd: Lust for Life
    37 Wilsen: Centipede
    38 Fazerdaze: Take It Slow
    39 Timber Timbre: Grifting
    40 Phoenix: J-Boy

    41 La Féline: Séparés (Si nous étions jamais)
    42 Le Manou: L'homme
    43 Spoon: Hot Thoughts
    44 Dan Auerbach: King of a One Horse Town
    45 Aldous Harding: Imaging My Man
    46 Aimee Mann: Goose Snow Cone
    47 Fishbach: Y crois-tu
    48 Dua Lipa feat. Miguel: Lost in Your Light
    49 Sylvan Esso: Radio
    50 Tsar B: Golddigger



    NEW (bubbling under): Mathilde Fernandez, Rive, Paramore, Roger Waters, Nite Jewel, Halsey, The Mountain Goats, Allison & Cat Pierce, Andrew Combs, Noga Erez, My Baby

    01 Mathilde Fernandez: Mon Dieu
    02 Rive: Nuit
    03 Pond: Paint Me Silver
    04 Little Cub: Hypnotise
    05 Marie-Flore: Passade Digitale
    06 Crooked Colours: Flow
    07 Becca Stevens feat. Laura Mvula: Well Loved
    08 Goldfrapp: Systemagic
    09 Elastic Bond: Honey Bun
    10 Gretta Ray: Drive
    11 The Strypes: Oh Cruel World
    12 Roméo Elvis x Le Motel: Lenita
    13 Bonobo feat. Innov Gnawa: Bambro Koyo Ganda
    14 Sir Sly: High
    15 Paramore: Told You So
    16 Ramona: On My Own
    17 Laure Briard: Les pins des Landes
    18 Paramore: Hard Times
    19 Roger Waters: Smell the Roses
    20 Lucy Rose: Is This Called Home
    21 Is Bliss: Into a Dream
    22 Luminize: Twilight
    23 Foster the People: Pay the Man
    24 The Big Moon: Sucker
    25 Holy Brune: Pandemonium
    26 Lo Moon: Loveless
    27 The Sherlocks: Chasing Shadows
    28 Halo Maud: Du Pouvoir
    29 FùGù MANGO: Blue Sunrise
    30 Urban Cone: Old School
    31 Nite Jewel: The Answer
    32 Halsey: Eyes Closed
    33 The Mountain Goats: Rain in Soho
    34 Allison Pierce: Evidence
    35 Cat Pierce: Weapon of War
    36 Andrew Combs: Blood Hunters
    37 Circa Waves: Love's Run Out
    38 My Baby: Cosmic Radio
    39 Noga Erez: Off the Radar
    40 Thurston Moore: Smoke of Dreams
    41 Fyfe feat. Kimbra: Belong
    42 Brutus: Drive
    43 Novella: Change of State
    44 Desperate Journalist: Be Kind
    45 Izzy Flynn: Faith
    46 Clare Louise: La vase
    47 Yelle: Interpassion
    48 Algiers: The Underside of Power
    49 A/T/O/S: Vortex
    50 Amber Arcades: Can't Say That We Tried
  7. Jesus this Amaya bop 'Close to You' who is this. Her Statements cover was super pretty too. Hm.
  8. I'm broke but I'm happy
    I'm poor but I'm kind
    I'm short but I'm healthy yea-eah!

    I'm high but I'm grounded
    I'm sane but I'm overwhelmed
    I'm lost but I'm hopeful baby

    Cause what it all comes down to is everything's gonna be fine fine fine
    Cause I've got one hand in my pocket and the other one's giving a high five
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  9. kal


  10. @RJF is over for tea
  11. Listening to my latest chart ;)

    POPdroid's POPlist 2017#12




    01 HAIM: Want You Back
    02 Polo & Pan: Coeur croisé
    03 Steven Wilson feat. Sophie Hunger: Song of I
    04 The War on Drugs: Holding On
    05 Fleet Foxes: If You Need to, Keep Time on Me
    06 Steven Wilson feat. Ninet Tayeb: Pariah
    07 Fazerdaze: Take It Slow
    08 Pumarosa: Lion's Den
    09 Arcade Fire: Everything Now
    10 London Grammar: Oh Woman, Oh Man

    11 Lorde: Perfect Places
    12 Cigarettes After Sex: Each Time You Fall in Love
    13 Chromatics: Shadow
    14 Kevin Morby: City Music
    15 liv: Heaven
    16 The War on Drugs: Thinking of a Place
    17 Alvvays: In Undertow
    18 City of the Sun: Sugar
    19 Amatorski: Welcome
    20 Maricka Hackman: My Lover Cindy

    21 Jane Weaver: Did You See Butterflies?
    22 TOPS: Petals
    23 Father John Misty: Total Entertainment Forever
    24 Trouble: Snake Eyes
    25 Beach House: Chariot
    26 Amber Coffman: No Coffee
    27 Lana Del Rey feat. The Weeknd: Lust for Life
    28 BRNS: Pious Platitudes
    29 Calypso Valois: Vis à vie
    30 Hazel English: More Like You

    31 Blanche: City Lights
    32 Noga Erez: Off the Radar
    33 Paradisia: Dancing in the Dark
    34 The Weeknd: Secrets
    35 Radiohead: I Promise
    36 Peking Duk & AlunaGeorge: Fake Magic
    37 Royal Blood: I Only Lie When I Love You
    38 Warhola: Jewels
    39 Mr Little Jeans: Stitches
    40 Liam Gallagher: Wall of Glass

    41 Phoenix: Goodbye Soleil
    42 Rae Morris: Reborn
    43 Pond: Paint Me Silver
    44 Intergalactic Lovers: Between the Lines
    45 Aldous Harding: Blend
    46 Ibeyi: Walk Away
    47 Julie Byrne: Sleepwalker
    48 Angus & Julia Stone: Snow
    49 Washed Out: Get Lost
    50 Wolf Alice: Yuk Foo


    01 Marlene: Next to Me
    02 DíSA: Reflections
    03 Portugal. The Man: Number One
    04 Lorde: Sober
    05 Girls in Hawaii: This Light
    06 Sale Gosse: Boys
    07 Oscar and the Wolf: Breathing
    08 Camila Cabello: Crying in the Club
    09 L'Impératrice: Sultans des îles
    10 OMD: Isotype
    11 Cloves: California Numb
    12 Trentemøller feat. Jennylee: Hands Down
    13 H.E.R.: Lights On
    14 Clara Luciani: Monstre d'amour
    15 Pale Waves: There's a Honey
    16 Declan McKenna: Humongous
    17 Bedouine: One of these Days
    18 Mogwai: Coolverine
    19 Torres: Skim
    20 The Aces: Touch
    21 Sharon Van Etten: Not Myself
    22 The Regrettes: Seashore
    23 Susanne Sundfør: Undercover
    24 Dua Lipa feat. Miguel: Lost in Your Light
    25 Lion Babe: Hit the Ceiling
    26 Absynthe Minded: The Execution
    27 Elastic Bond: Honey Bun
    28 Anna of the North: Lovers
    29 Mellow Diamond: Ashes to Breathe
    30 Benjamin Clementine: Phantom of Aleppoville
    31 Burning Peacocks: Ondulation
    32 Julien Doré: Coco Câline
    33 Laure Briard: On dit que je ne suis pas sage
    34 Briana Marela: Quit
    35 Maya Payne: Self Defined
    36 Ella Vos: You Don't Know About Me
    37 Honeyblood: Walking at Midnight
    38 Anteros: Cherry Drop
    39 Ruelle: The Other Side
    40 Cathedrals: Don't Act Like a Stranger
    41 Juniore: Un twist
    42 Le Manou: L'homme
    43 Amber Arcades: Can't Say That We Tried
    44 Inheaven: Treats
    45 Los Angeles Police Department: Grown
    46 The Japanese House: Saw You in a Dream
    47 Beach Fossils: Down the Line
    48 Ionnalee: Not Human
    49 Thievery Corporation feat. Racquel Jones: Letter to the Editor
    50 Rive: Vogue
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  12. This has no right to work as well as it does.

  13. What a RUSH.
  14. The Stargate remix of Thank God I Found You by Mariah, gives it that old skool late 90's pop flavour.
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