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What did you do last night?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ADolla, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. How about a thread in which we can all regale each other about the 'crazy' antics we got up to last night, or the excellent film we caught at 2am on BBC2, or the excruciatingly tense family meal we endured?

    Last night me, my boyfriend and his best friend went to G-A-Y Late and I for one had an extremely enjoyable time. The music was excellent, the drinks were brilliant - thank the lord for whoever was requesting all those Madonna videos, yay for £1.50 drinks - and it was a good atmosphere, if a tad sweaty. Then we walked past McDonalds on Oxford St on the way to the bus stop afterwards and were simultaneously disappointed/relieved it was closed. How interesting.

    Is anyone else a fan of that bar girl at Late, I think her name is Annie? Very friendly, quite butch, lovely girl. Not that I've spoken to her more then twice.
  2. I stayed home and ate Fruit-tella and watch Ab Fab and did exercises.

  3. Ab Fab and Fruitella are NEVER miserable.

    Exercise.. hmm...
  4. Hmm, indeed.

    Actually, can i just say, i think this is a brilliant idea for a thread. It could last forever.
  5. Oh I was in Late as well. Wasn't a big fan of all the 90s stuff though. I wanted to dance to newer stuff. So I was there from 11. Then at about 1.30am me and my friends walked to Ku Bar cos my friend was DJing. Didn't like the atmosphere at all. Never seen so many rude people at the same time. Then we decided to go back to my friends place in Bermondsey but spent an hour and a half looking for the bus stop. This involved walking around Trafalgar Square twice. At 5am we got to his, the four of us were on his bed watching 'Family Guy Blue Harvest' and Austin Powers 2 as well as talking. Then at 8am me and one of my mates were told to fuck off so the other 2 could have sex. So we got a bus to Waterloo, had breakfast and chatted for a bit. Then I got home at 10.30am and attempted to sleep.

    The end.
  6. potatosalad

    potatosalad Guest

    Fuck all.
  7. Amazing.
  8. Last night I stayed in and watched Saturday night telly such as You've Been Framed, TV Burp, that thing where the people do the wacky obstacle courses, Ant & Dec, etc., and then played an AMAZING "Spot The Intro" DVD quiz which I won! WOOOO!

    Oh yeah... with my parents. Cool times.
  9. Got ridiculously shitfaced. But it was my birthday (close enough).
  10. I got back from holiday and spent hours dragging a suitcase from Gatwick to North East London.

    Still, my tan makes me look fit!
  11. I was up visiting my grandparents and thus, my enormous extended family in Limerick. The house was jam packed full of people I've never met before but they all knew who I was simply because of my grandparents - they own a big skin & hide company that is known far and wide, apparently. Glam.

    When word got out that they were welcoming visitors the house was packed full of people including the local Bishop (!!!) and many people who were looked like they arrived by dinosaur or penny farthing. My dad also has eight brothers and one sister, most of whom were there as well whilst I stayed in the kitchen doing my best to avoid awkward conversation. They had a huge table set up full of sandwiches and cakes which had all come from the local pub - like a mafia family with local connections. It was all quite boring because the cousins I don't like were wandering around being generally annoying and the one cousin I like talking to had to leave early. And my uncle Niall only insulted me twice, which was a record for him I think. When he heard me mention Kopparberg he barked "Not surprised you go for the BLEEDIN' QUEER OPTION" (he doesn't even know I'm gay and my gay uncle was also in the room) and then called me a waste of space when I said I did English and Greek History in college. This is par for the course with him.

    Made a change from going out on the tear at least!
  12. Aimee, you are amazing. That makes me feel OK to stay in and watch TV an abandon this 'nightlife' scene, whatever that is.
  13. justabluefox

    justabluefox Guest

    Happy belated Birthday!

    I went to a coffee shop last night and had a relaxing time. Not very exciting, but overall very nice.

    AudioScience I think we all have that Uncle who insults us! Mine unfortunately lives very close.
  14. Oh I forgot to say, we met Matt Lucas off-of Little Britain in the queue for G-A-Y Bar when we were getting free entry vouchers for Late. Lovely man, very friendly, if a little scared by me.

    Happy birthday Bailey!
  15. Oh my god, I did the same thing minus Ab Fab and Fruitella and add Smallville and plain yogurt with honey drizzled on top.

    I'm an animal on Saturday night. *shrug*
  16. I was at home for the weekend and ended up staying in making sure my brother and his friends didn't burn the house down while my parents went out for a neighbour's birthday. I just watched a bit of tv that I had left on the planner and had a bit of a gossip with my friend on the phone, terribly exciting for a Saturday.

    I didn't mind though, I can't go out at home anymore, not after my last night out there..
  17. Oh I had an amazing night, finished work at 8, battled for a place on the bus and nearly knocked a few people out with a hanging basket in the process. Got in, about 9.30 and did sweet all til I rememberd at 1am I had still had to wrap my mums mothers day pressie. Rock n Roll eh!
    I'm craving Opal Fruits atm....wish they'd come back for good :(
  18. Last night I was supposed to go to a house party for my friends birthday but her parents decided to come home early so the night was cancelled. So I ended up watching some inane comedy on ITV4 or something. All was not lost though I had a mega takeaway from my uncle's chippy which was lush!
  19. Opal Fruits are awesome. I remember the bizarre ad campaign they had when they were changing the name to Starburst. I think this would've been 1998.
  20. I don't and I'm older than you, thats a bit bad isn't it! I was pissed off when they brought blackcurrant in, I don't bloody like blackcurrant. I always give the black jelly babies away too :s.
    Anywaaaaay back on topic, I was also entertained by a possibly drunk and very hyperactive 22 year on the bus (coming back from the football), he was hilarious in all the wrong ways! It was one of those 'I know I shouldn't laugh..but I am' situations.
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