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What hooked you on K-pop?

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Mikl C, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. How did you discover k-pop? What was the first song you were "shaking and crying" over? What was the first song you could sing all the way through? Know any full dance routines?

    Mine was Gee, courtesy of Ribzy- for which I am ever grateful. I've always been into j-pop to some extent, and this re-ignited my passion for Asian pop.
  2. Abracadabra. I saw the thread about it on here and I was curious why everyone loved it so much, so I watched the video and I was hooked. I just loved the song. (And the video, too!)
  3. Before I was even a member of the forum I was a longtime lurker, and someone had posted a video & had an avatar about After School's new video "Bang!" saying it was amazing.

    After then I was hooked. So whomever that member was, thank you.
  4. A site posted Fire by 2NE1.. I listened once but never thought anything of it (it was catchy but not English.. yes.. I was one of those people)

    Then I watched Hot Issue by 4minute and was so hooked. Just listened to 4minute for all of 2009. When it came to their Hit Your Heart mini released I got back involved with 4minute and then started listening to everything. By the end of June I knew more or less all there was to know about Korean girl groups!

    And the rest is history....
  5. I always listend to Asian pop growing up but it was really in 2009 when BoA had her U.S debut that I got hooked and pushed my other music out the way.

    It was in 2010 when Run Devil Run came out though when I got completely obsessed with K-Pop in general and stopped listening to Western music altogether haha although I still listen to Britney, Cheryl, Gaga, Usher ect occasionally.
  6. The first Kpop song I ever heard was Bbi Ri Bba Bba. I remember Vigilant Citizen did an article on it, and I was like "What the fuck is this foreign shit?" However, I found myself coming back to that song over and over and I realized that it was absolutely brilliant. From there I just sort of worked my way into the music, until I started listening to 2NE1 which really sealed the deal, and I've been hooked ever since.
  7. SNSD the power of 9 godesses
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  8. First k-pop song i heard was Oh! by SNSD but SHINee got me hooked on k-pop.
  9. Chu~....Yeah.

    My friend linked it to me and it was the only Korean song I listened to until a completely different person made me listen to "Haru Haru" a few months later. After that it was all downhill.
  10. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    2NE1 - Fire piqued my interest. I remember being like "Why haven't I head of these girls yet?" considering how fancy the video is, then after CL's English intro they started singing and I got completely confused by how it was a different language. Which led to Google and me finding out for the first time a smidgen about K-Pop.

    I think I then got onto Nobody by The Wonder Girls but I mainly listened to the English version. It was Gee that actually got me hooked, it was so infectious and different sounding/looking I had to have more of where it came from. I went onto Oh! and the rest as they say is history.

    I really can't imagine not having K-Pop in my life now, it would be odd!
  11. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    My first K-pop song was Wonder Girls' Nobody. My roommates made we watch it. The rest is history.

    Random thoughts during my early K-Pop days
    1) At first I thought SNSD was useless. Nine member in one girl group? C'mon! I totally abhored Gee back then. But it all changed when they released Genie.
    2) I thought Kara wouldn't last long after Honey.
    3) I thought GD is gay.
    4) I didn't get why the idols would cry an ocean when they win #1 in music programs. I thought "Wht a bunch of pretentious whacks these people are! Crying for a simple #1 award in a music show!" Well, that was before I learned about how difficult their training was before they can officially debut. Korea has a harsh entertainment industry.

    Today, K-pop balances with my love for other types of music like British pop, dance music, acoustic, country and piano.
  12. LJB


  13. Someone had Gain's butt hump wiggle thing from Abracadabra as their avatar (might of been hitori?) and I managed to track down the song and the rest was history. Oh, and this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7ZzEgYOAnU

    So much second hand embarassment right now.
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  14. Some of my friends are huge J-pop fans, they've been trying to make me like J-pop for a while (past decade) without success. Then they tried to turn me into K-pop with BoA and DBSK stuff... Still no success.
    Beast - Bad Girl. It was the first K-Pop song I could listen to from start to end. I thought it was made by some random Swedish producer actually.
    Uhmm... None? I should start memorizing pop songs in my mother tongue first...
    I think I know Roly-Poly.
  15. My first foray into K-Pop was in Summer 09 when I saw the legendary video of SNSD performing "Genie" on a rooftop. I didn't care all that much for the song, but I liked the performance.Then I came across Super Junior's "It's You" and was totally hooked on it. I was generally amazed at how well K-Pop artists could sing and dance, but also I thought the bands had way too many members to really "grasp" them. In that summer of 09 I was quite busy with various things, so I left it with SNSD and Super Junior for the time being and didn't invest more time into looking up K-Pop.
    Then in March 10 everything changed and nothing would be the same anymore, haha. Songs like "I Go Crazy Because Of You", "Lupin", "Run Devil Run" and a few others sparked my interest once again and this time I spent a lot of time researching the various bands (how many members, who sings which lines, their backcatalogue, etc). I remember it being quite difficult to really get into it and it took me very long to differenciate between the bands (I couldn't tell Kara and T-ara apart at first and always had to check who sang which song) and especially the members.
    From then on I read and actively participated in the General K-Pop discussion thread here and it helped me a lot, too.
    Basically, what got me hooked was that it was foreign and different from everything I knew from western Pop music.
  16. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    I swear I thought Yoona, Seohyun and Yuri were like triplets when I was new to SNSD. Hyoyeon was a standout when I first got into them because she always had the dancebreaks.
  17. My first positive experience with K-Pop was listening to 4-Minute's "I My Me Mine" which to me was INSANE and SNSD's "Run Devil Run" about a year ago.

    I always preferred J-Pop and have idolized artists like Namie Amuro, Utada Hikaru, Koda Kumi, M-Flo, among others for a few years now. I thought K-Pop was a little over the top at the time.

    Recently, it seems as if J-Pop has gone downhill for me over the past year. There have been a few exceptions (BENI, Namie, Kumi, etc.), but overall, I only listen to K-Pop and American music now.

    While I love SNSD and various other Korean artists, no one tops 2NE1 for me. They are the icing on the cake! They are fierce and remind me of when I used to love TLC back in my childhood. Each one has a distinctive personality. Also, no girl group has topped "I Am The Best" in my honest opinion.
  18. I got into SNSD through Oh! and Run Devil Run- it's only recently I've got into 2ne1, 4minute and SHINee.

  19. Haha awww!

    I knew of BoA when her English stuff came out, loved it. But didn't listen to any of the Korean stuff. On another forum a Kpop thread was made, so I thought I'd pretend to be a big BoA stan and I posted loads of random Korean songs by BoA that I hadn't ever listened to. Somebody posted a link to Gee and I watched it at 3AM. It was the best thing ever. I was floored. So that started my kpop obsession and my undying love for Soshi moms. 2NE1 were the second group I listen to and I Don't Care was the song. Sadly I've lost a lot of the standom I had for 2NE1. It's nearly been a year since I first heard Gee, wow time's flown.
  20. haha, ~soshi moms~
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