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What is your most on brand story from your childhood?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Vasilios, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. Inspired by this tweet:

    Mine are so so so many, my poor parents, but I think this is the realest / saddest / more iconic one:

  2. My brother found my hidden copy of Bucks Fizz 'my camera never lies' and I claimed I had found it as I was a bit embarrassed by it even though I secretly loved it.
  3. My brother finding my 'Hunks of Hollyoaks' calendar under my bed.
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  4. Noooo I thought I posted this on Random Thoughts, can you move @2014 babe.
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  5. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    (did you mean off topic sis x)
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  6. 2014

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    Anyhow my friends at secondary school snatched my iPod from me one day and I was listening to this

    and they knew.
  7. I banged my head on the floor. Several times.
  8. Camera never lied, but you did.

  9. When I got my first pair of glasses, at 11, I insisted on buying the pink case to put them in. Insisted.

    My mother...knew.
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  10. The same but with this

    (A classic though)
  11. I used to build Spice Girls inspired platform shoes using Lego and sellotape them to my feet to do the dance routines. Yes, I did twist my ankle.
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  12. I went to an all boys boarding school and one of the boarding masters found a well hidden magazine at the back of my locker, assumed it was porn only for it to be the 1991 Kylie Minogue annual. I lied and said it belonged to my sister. I don’t have a sister.
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  13. When I was about 9 I performed a fully choreographed dance routine to "Am to Pm" by the icon that is Christina Milian at my school talent show. I didn't actually get through the first round of auditions but made such a fuss that they let me do it anyway...

  14. Need this on Youtube asap.
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  15. My mom dragged me out of the record store screaming when she refused to buy me Oops I Did It Again. I'll never stop screaming for Britney.
  16. This thread is more like "Warning signs I was gay since childhood".

    Lemme try to think of mine.
  17. In the newspaper there was a spread with rugby players posing nude for charity, I stole that section of said paper and hid it in my cupboard for research.

    My mother the next day cleaned out the cupboard and I ended up saying that I had taken it as I wanted to join the rugby club at school. (Which she then attempted to sign me up for - for a year!)
  18. Well I was in changing rooms for PE in high school and one of the boys grabbed my phone and went to my music and found that I had Hollaback Girl on it and played it loudly so the rest of them could laugh at me
  19. My mom once asked me to go close the garage, so I went and got her knee length boots from her closet and sashayed down the driveway in them.

    She heard the clip-clopping and asked what I was doing and I said the boots were the nearest footwear to the door, despite her full knowledge that they were kept upstairs in a closet.
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  20. When I was five my younger sister ate some sweets I was saving for later. She claimed she conjured them away into her stomach but did not eat them. She couldn't conjure them back when asked ... I was devastated. Not knowing what that would mean for our future. She was blamed for each chocolate which disappeared although usually I was the one who took it. Even now our mother doesn't believe me that mostly I was to blame for most of the chocolates which got lost in our household ...

    Through our whole adolescence I was the one who was trusted and she the one who was always suspected of bending the truth ...
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