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What is your most on brand story from your childhood?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Vasilios, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. You guys are sociopaths.
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  2. Classic kal
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  3. Just say gay

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  4. We're sociopaths, sis?
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  5. I read Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions by Gloria Steinem when I was 13.
  6. If you didn't wear a towel on your head as a kid and pretend it was a lacefront wig in a colour and cut of your choosing, are you even gay?
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  7. OR if you don't wear a towel on your head and catfish straight men on camera.
  8. Please share more stories guys. I live for this thread.
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  9. I had a similar incident as a kid. I dressed myself up as She-Ra and when I heard footsteps and was confronted by my father I threw mums high heels under my bed and told him I was He-Man.
  10. When I was 7 or 8, my mom put me in some sort of after-school "talent show" or week-long program for "talented kids". Anyway, at the end of it, we all had to put on a performance. There's a videotape of me dancing & lip-syncing to the song of my choosing, which happened to be THIS:

    ...in front of a large group of mostly confused girls & concerned, giggling parents. The gay leaped owt!
  11. That actually reminds me of when I was in first grade (so like... six years old), I performed in my elementary school’s talent show where I did a solo dance to S Club 7’s Bring It All Back. I used to stan YTV’s Big Fun Party Mix and so I used that CD to “perform”... I should clarify as well that the dance I did wasn’t choreographed at all, like I don’t remember practicing for it or whatever, and I don’t recall what I did during my dance whatsoever EXCEPT for the dance starting with me standing still, head down.

    So anyway I get up on stage and I’m standing there with my head down and nothing is happening but I’m a patient child so I’m standing there, staring at the floor, when my mom shouts out “You forgot the CD!”

    I ran back to my classroom, brought back the CD, and got to do my little dance. It amazes me how unashamed I was about the entire thing. I specifically remember not being embarrassed whatsoever.
  12. I like how many of your brands are simply "gay".
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  13. Need to see.
  14. During my early elementary school days, my best friend at the time and I came up with the great idea to have a Spice Girls party. We invited all of the girls from our class and watched Spice World while listening to Spice on loop. I love that one of my first very best friends was also a fellow gay.
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  15. Ummm, I resent the idea of having a “personal brand” but if I do have one, it should be clarified as Mariah Carey Deep Cut Gay. Thank you xoxo
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  16. I got invited to my friend’s house for tea when I was 9 and knew his mum was a Diana Ross fan as she always played it in the car. Before leaving, my mum was like “Make sure you say something nice to Tom’s mum for having you over.”

    I later snuck into his parents’ bedroom and listened to Chain Reaction on cassette, with Tom’s mum soon catching me mid twirl. I suddenly remembered my mum’s words and said
    “Oh hi Mrs Argyle, you’re not fat you’re just big boned.”
  17. How I always knew I'd become that socially awkward loner that just wants to game all day everyday, right from the Gamerjusitce thread

  18. aux


    I've got two stories because I'm a messy whore.

    When I was studying in a Catholic school, we were meant to make an altar for the virgin. For the next day, we had to bring a tablecloth, candles, a statue of the virgin, flowers, etc. We put it all together before the teacher comes in the next morning, but turns out that nobody brought a picture or statue of the virgin. The teacher comes in, sees the altar and says "Wow, that's delightful, but where is the virgin?" and my dumbass, without hesitation, whispers "dead." Or so I thought, turns out I said it quite loudly. The teacher ended up literally in tears, I got sent to the principal's office, but somehow didn't get suspended or kicked out.

    Right after I came out, about a week or so before I was meant to leave the house as I got kicked out, my step-mum was trying to tell me how being gay is a phase, etc. The usual shite. She then says that gay sex is not possible, because anal sex is not right and not natural; and once again, my dumbass, without hesitation just says "You're missing out." I'm honestly surprised I didn't get killed then and there.
  19. I’m your new mommy.
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  20. Please try to remember more of these thank you.
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