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What K-Pop song are you listening to right now?

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. Whew what an album!!!
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  2. Thanks to the English captions, I finally understand the meaning/symbolism of that scene where she's falling off of the building ddd.
  3. Before there was an Eekalips there was:

    The way the bottom drops in the middle eight is pure sex.
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    ................NAN YESURIYA.
    *bumper car synths*
    *bumper car synths*
    OEOEO. EO. EO.
    OEOEO. EO.


  5. I take back everything I never said about gu9u.
  6. So Miya doesn't really sing anything, does she?

  7. Bite. Bite. Bite.
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  8. I love one (1) boy band.
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  9. Well, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, so that’s something. She’s a fantastic dancer at least, and she has more lines in the album tracks!
  10. I totally agree. She's fun to watch.
  11. Some songs are just before their time.

    Y'know, they're not the greatest group in the world, but they have... personality....
  12. Before GFRIEND had it as their mission to bless the people of the Earth with their military-funk pioneering magnum opus "Fingertip", humans lived lives of despair and anguish. Riddled with confusion, they would look at their hands and no matter how many times they tried, they just couldn't find a name for the little stubs on the end of their hands where their fingernails rested - until the GFRIEND girls came into the scene to tell everyone "it's OK. They're called Fingertips". Humanity since then has been gagged and shook at this recent discovery, which was immortalized as The Awakening (now on Spotify).


  13. That chorus has been stuck in my head since I re-listened to the song last night ddd. I'm not complaining, though.

    saeroun segyega yeollil deut
    meolgeman neukkyeojil ttae
    himkkeot dallyeogal geoya
    Heart to heart to heart
    baraewatteon mankeum gidarin miraee
    songarak geolgo yaksokhae

    uriye sojunghan maeumi
    neoege neukkyeojil ttae
    geuttaeneun daheul geoya
    Heart to heart to heart
    yeppeugo dangdanghage pogineun an hago shipeo
    songarak geolgo yaksokhae

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  14. Bit late to the party on this one but what a song.
  15. Greatest song fucking ever.
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  16. I'm sorry but... bear with me...

    It starts off slowly... then they begin flowing seemingly effortlessly... almost organically... like they're a collective intelligence making it up as they go along... matching the theme of the song... 0:24 - 0:30 they snap into a perfect series of manechin maneuvers.... then one formation to another until... 0:52 - 1:06 - the one leg hop and switch, very inventive... 1:08 - 1:12 - WHO DOES THAT? ...then more clever Twice-like domino movements that actually match the lyrics of the song (which is rare enough, only elites like WJSN and Dreamcatcher and Twice do that anymore) then 1:56 - 2:10 - the hop again, but better, little added aegyo... then 2:11 the slideback-punch-up break, so in synch it looks like a special effect.... 2:20 Dreamcatcheresque! ....then more of the same but each time modified a little, the one foot hop actually evolves... 3:00 into a whiparound spin, so in synch, then (WTF!) they actually fan into another position with the hop move... then the priceless puppet pull AGAIN... all in one take, playfully, effortlessly, nobody looking like they're struggling or concentrating or pre-looking or telegraphing their next position or looking anything other than this is the fucking best part of their fucking day! Sorry but they're good.

    And it's not even their best song.
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