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What K-Pop song are you listening to right now?

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. I'm really loving this group this week. What is their fandom called? Mini-Mekiss? Wekists? I am one now.
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  2. A bop and three-quarters.

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  3. You know what, maybe this should have won the LOONA rate after all.
  4. One day, I'm going to gather everyone in this subforum in a warehouse somewhere, lock you in, turn the lights off then...

    ...encourage you all to dance to 9MUSES,

  5. When this comes on shuffle, you know you’re not pressing skip.
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  6. Great Moments In KPop History:

    And it doesn't get much better than that.
    On so very many levels.
  7. A classic.

    Another classic.

    An okay rendition.

    Seriously though....the song is timeless.

  8. I know most girls in this video have gone on to release better songs in their respective groups etc, but this video still makes me want to change my life, pick up four new hobbies, enthusiastically clean a shop floor and buy every IOI photocard there is.
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  9. I LOVE MY BOY........................U̧U͟UU̵UUUN͏NHH̶H͡HH̶YȨA͝AA̡AA͜AA͜AA̢A҉H̶
    I LOVE MY BOY........................I L͢OVE U̷ MÁ ̷B̛O̧O̴O̡O͢O͞O̧ÈE͟E͠EEE͜E̵E̛E͘EY̵Y͞Y̡YY̡
    I LOVE MY BOY........................D̨UUU ̷DUR҉UU͘ ḐU͏R̶U͘U D̛ƯU̶UU̶UUU̢R͢ƯUUU̷U̷U
    I LOVE MY BOY........................I̷ L͠ƠV̸E͝ ͞U̵ M͏A̡ ͢B͘O̶EE̡E̡E̕EE̡EEEEE̶E͝E͘ĘE̸EYY͜Y̴Y͡Y

  10. It's funny I always consider "I" as one of her worst songs and still I think it's a pretty good song.

    She has one of the best K-Pop discographies and that's a fact, not only my opinion.
  11. I can always vouch for that.

    "Curtain Call" is the one that always gets me right in the heart.
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  12. It's finally 2019 here so let me celebrate and usher it in with this song I stumbled upon a little while ago which knocks.

    Choosing "LONG:D" as your stage name though.......tragic.
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  13. The weather outside is gloomy which makes it perfect for staying indoors listening to slow jams like this.

  14. Still not as unfortunate as B.M.
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  15. Today feels like a KARA day.

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  16. nae mam bol su eopseunikka-aaaaaaaaaAAAAAA

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  17. Who gave the rights to this song to get better after each play even if it's the 50th time?

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  18. CUBE did


    I'm starting to come around to ha more though, the tea dance is a bop.
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  19. Is it just me or is Laboum really crushing it on the music shows with KPJ's current #1 song?

    And can Solbin rock a pair of pants like nobody else?
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  20. Now, it is time for....

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