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What K-Pop song are you listening to right now?

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. yes, please.
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  2. Confession:

    This month I've only posted in this thread when I wasn't looping this song:

    ... because it's amazing. They're so far ahead of everyone else who debuted anywhere near when they did. There. I said it. (Though I'm not sure what Shuhua does. But it's not like she's hurting anything.)
    Now I also loop "Noir" but find myself drifting back to "Senorita" or I Made en toto.
    Until the new EXID or when I finally get around to E V E R G L O W.......
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  3. A debut!

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  4. [​IMG]

    best album of 2017 ever
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  5. Girl's Day really did make SEVERAL points with this album. So many different styles and songs from various releases but they make it work.

    Come Slowly especially has me feeling some kind of way.


    But then Top Girl comes on right after and I'm like....

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  6. OHMYGAAWD. And here I thought I was the only one.
    (Though I hope that last gif means you like Top Girl because that is an amazing forgotten classic.)

    Girls' Day is so underrated and Love Second Album is brilliant. (see avi).
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  7. I do love it. That gif is used to express a complete 180 emotional turn, although Ebony was actually fake crying dddd. It means that Top Girl is a bop. Those songs back-to-back make you go from sadness to bopping. Think of it like that Xtina gif of her walking out on stage in the nun outfit only to then tear it off and reveal her sexier outfit underneath.
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  8. I kinda figured it out. I'm so slow sometimes. Anyway, another great quick-change-of-direction is the shift from the sublimely retro-cheesy "Darling" to the NeoEuroPoppy "Whistle." And the distinctive voices. Sojin and Minah sound so perfect together and Yura is so underrated.

    Anyway... I'm navel deep in this album now so thanks...
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  9. I love popjustice
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  10. Sexy eyes sexy nose
  11. One of my favorite dance moves: The handcrank down move. Great moments in KPop.

  12. gyesok deureodo deureodo tto joa
    hanguk mallodo yeongeorodo joa
    do you love me?
    baby you know I feel the same way
    geureoni mameul ttak noa
    huhwehaji aneulgeol nal goreun geol
    jigeumbuteo naye maeryeogi neol
    michige hal geol jeolttaero geojeol
    hal su eomneun lady
    I’m a dream girl

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  13. woke up like this

  14. I have no idea how this song doesn't get more love because it's such a bop.

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  15. [kicks brush angrily]
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  16. Me after applying Johnson's® Baby Oil all over my body


  17. I can't help it...
    It's really catchy....

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  18. A little biiiiich! (A little biiiitch!) nan ama biiiitch (nan ama biiich)
    najedo sumkkil su eopseo pieonan biiitch


    A little biiiitch! (A little biiitch!) nan I’mma be (nan I’mma be)
    najedo kkeojiji anneun tteugeoun biiiiitch!


    A bop.
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