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What K-Pop song are you listening to right now?

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. Still diving into SNSD discography and making new discovers constantly, this time being You-Aholic...to top it all off, in this tour video it then goes straight into Karma Butterfly! that is a 1-2 knockout punch for me.
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  2. Ddddddd Don't worry, it's not a marriage or engagement. However, I am now taken if you know what I mean.
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    I hate you but GET DICK BINCH!
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  4. This is amazing.
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  6. Someone supersarang this puppy next year.
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  7. I love Taeyeon.
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    Throwback to this little masterpiece
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  9. My gym plays this all the time (the only k-pop song) and now I can confidently say there is a Monsta X song that I like.
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  10. Honestly their best b-side to date

    Also, I am absolutely obsessed with Seola. A full package girl who has everything going for her!
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  11. Totally agree. Exy's cosmic rap brings the house down.

    They're such a great group. So much personality and charisma for such a huge group.
    Starship did a great job putting them together and letting them evolve and find their own style..
    I love Luda especially, but Eunseo is so underrated. I'm ready for the Locket Girls to come back!
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  12. Continuing on my KPOP discovery...however I keep coming back to these guys and this song is most definitely my favorite (Back a close 2nd). Its sad because by the time I started listening, it was right as Tell Me was released so I never got to experience the OT7 while they were in their prime. Love the original video but chose the dance version because it shows Hoya in his element and was his last Korean comeback with the guys. Over time he has slowly climbed up very high when it comes to my favorites in the group (L being 1st, Woohyun 2nd). ---apologies if this is too wordy, I'm new and Infinite doesn't get talked about a whole lot.
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  13. Feeling extra cunty today xoxo​
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  15. Greatest KPop Album Intro Ever. Better than every track on the album.
    (LOONAesque in that regard.)
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  17. I like this.
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