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What K-Pop song are you listening to right now?

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. In honor of their 4 year anniversary

    I have grown very fond of these kids over the last few months. I chose this song as it's obviously a vast difference from when I posted Hide & Seek. I also chose this because this is the one title track in which Rocky has vocal lines rather than just rapping. Moonbin may still be my bias but Rocky is without a doubt my Astro wrecker. I recently found out that he originally was meant to be a vocalist but when the final group members were decided on, they only had one rapper, JinJin, so Rocky became one as well. Again, I've said this before but this kid reminds me so much of Hoya---the dancing, the rapping, he can sing, I guess him being my wrecker makes a lot of sense as Hoya is my Infinite wrecker, LOL.
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  2. A moment that is most pleasing in her career.
  3. Girls.......... Unnies...
    I don't know when it happened but Lovelyz' full discography is finally on Apple Music. Which means that you can not only listen to this classic on repeat:

    But also to this masterpiece:

    Life is good.
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  4. Nobody is doing it like this anymore huh

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  5. It's been a cool and rainy few days here in Georgia---you'd think I'd be used to it seeing as how I'm from Scotland and all---living in the States all these years has made me soft, LOL. Anyways, I looked for something to brighten up my spirits and voila ---

    Was so shocked the first time I heard this---remember I'm a newb and go out of order so I only knew Starry Night / Egotistic Mamamoo when I got to this gem. They truly can do anything and special shout out to my wrecker Wheein as you truly could stick her in any damn girl band there is or was and she's that versatile she'd fit right in!
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  6. This song is amazing, and it's literally got GFRIEND's name on it....

    Also, I'm ashamed to admit this but I'm actually a little moomoo and I have been for YEARS.
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  7. One of their best songs... That and '#Cookie Jar', but only the real ones know. xx
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  8. I love talent.
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  9. Because it's one of those days again.
  10. Baby come and kiss my læps

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  11. What a great album.

    Am I an NCTzen now? Maybe so.

  12. This came on shuffle. God it is SO good. One of their absolute best!

    ( I don’t remember who said it was one of their weaker ones, but curse you hehe )
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  13. Though I have begun a deeper and deeper dive into KPOP, both old and new, sometimes you have to take it all back to where it started. I have so many songs now that this song often gets lost in the shuffle. The fact that she released this on HER birthday as a gift to US says everything that you need to know about my beloved Rosé. Her voice haunts me in this song. I wish better for her...I truly do.

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  14. Dreamcatcher's Siyeon has got to have one of the best voices in Kpop. I am truly obsessed with her voice and I have been playing her covers and of course Paradise and just want to share this Alan Walker cover. If she does another solo song, I really want her to go and do a full-on rock song similar to this. I know she can sing any genre, but her voice is so perfectly suited for rock.


  15. I'm still not over this masterpiece of an album tbh. The fact she's still releasing music of this calibre today says it all really.
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