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What K-Pop song are you listening to right now?

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. The whole mini is masterful, a Nicola Roberts written Tiffany song? Still a dream come true.
  2. He


    I made my own T-ARA b-sides playlist, and have been bopping to it all day. @GeiPanda ok'd it.

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  3. This was a cultural reset
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  4. Did they ever officially disband?
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  5. Saw Everglow last night (surprised the show wasn't cancelled like the LA concert) and they were very good. Mia and Sihyeon impressed me the most with their vocals. Mia and Aisha are super charismatic onstage. Adios was a very big hit, of course, as was Dun Dun. They did a cover medley of TT, DDDD, Love Shot, and a BTS song and DDDD got a huge cheer from everyone.


  6. @2:20

    You and I amudo moreuge
    You and I urimane Small chat
    You and I nae ane niga deo keojyeoganeun deuthae

    your coochie tight komhae

    ni ireumeul malhal ttaen
    ppeonan daehwado jageun gamjeongdo
    gyesok deo yaegihage dwae
    neoe daehaeseoneun marya


    Truly the lesbian anthem we deserve. ​

  7. And the fight for my GOT7 bias rages on! I had just switched from Jinyoung to JB earlier today when I saw some solo photoshoot he did, then I saw this video. While Oxygen still remains my favorite song from him, I love this video. If GOT7 is going to re-sign with JYP, they need to put it into their contracts that they get complete creative control and input (I know they already write and produce a lot but I mean...the company is more concerned with other artists so just let them take over totally and keep making you money.)

  8. *writhes on the couch*
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  9. Now that Scream promotions are over, it didn't take long for Dreamcatcher to come back and promote Black Or White (one of my favorite songs from the album). The video below is the white version. You can watch the black version here. Love both, but I think I prefer the white version better. Look out for several nods to MJ.


  10. queens of b-sides!!!

  11. Well...we don't have spring here in Southeast Georgia/Northeast Florida so it's already in the 90s so I'm already making the beach playlists for when...you know, I can go outside. While I stand by my decision that the Acoustic Mix is the superior version, this video is to the original version, just because they are so damn adorable!
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  12. Taemin’s voice and Changmin’s backup vocals go together beautifully.. I hope Changmin’s solo is either like this or rock-ish a la Rising Sun. A run of the mill ballad would be a waste.
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  13. This is quite good, isn't it!!
  14. Just to annoy everyone:
  15. He


    I think my favorite SNSD b-side, and just one of my favorites by them (I hadn't realized in time for @Serg.'s rate, ddd).


  16. I don't know what a Pull O' Joe is but I think I want one.
  17. can't believe it's been five years already since the music industry was forever shaken by this seismic bop
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