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What K-Pop song are you listening to right now?

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. Yes, I admit I am a Dreamcatcher stan so here I go again posting about them. Scream continues to be fucking amazing and the girls released this special dance version today with each member incorporating the outfits and parts of the choreo from their respective eras into the choreo for Scream and it is absolute genius. It made me super emotional watching it this morning and I've only been a fan for less than a year so I can only imagine how Insomnias who have been there from the beginning must feel like. Handong would have represented the What era.

  2. The You And I black outfits will always be nothing short of ICONIC!
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  3. I still get my life to this underrated bop!
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  4. aux


    What a song.
  5. aux


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  6. Something something SHA SHA SHA
  7. This suddenly clicked with me today.

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  8. Really sad about Jiyoon departing BOL4 but at least Jiyoung is going to continue on as BOL4 which will just be her. I was shocked when I found out this morning. Wish Jiyoon all the best.

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  9. Fitting.
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  10. She’s ascending.
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  11. NOOOO I should have voted for it in the Decade rates! A classic.
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  12. I always thought this sounded like a Grimes song.
    I love it.
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  13. 'One moment I feel like I’m nothing at all
    Like no one would notice if I were gone'


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  14. [​IMG]


    They deserve the world
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  15. BUY A CAR

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  16. I was in my feels last night...so this most definitely did not help. JB at the end killed me; he was crying, I was crying...it was a whole thing. While JB/Jinyoung/Jackson continue to duke it out for my bias and wrecker spots (HAVE you seen the new pictures for their upcoming comeback???), I could sit for hours listening to Youngjae sing...anything.
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