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What K-Pop song are you listening to right now?

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. This completely passed me by until yesterday and now I can't stop listening. I loooove the video, too.
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  2. I do like it...but I think my sweet spot with GOT7 was Just Right era - 7 For 7 (their best album---period). The visuals for this are stunning though. And while nobody will come close to my Myungsoo...long haired JB, that is all.
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  3. Have I been listening to this all day? Absolutely.

  4. Still a bop...still a BOP. I'm still bitter we didn't get a proper re-recorded version with Solji and Hyerin rather than the 2.0 ballad thing they added to the end of the Ah Yeah EP. (OT5 performed it live so we know very well they went into the studio and recorded it!) I still can't believe when I saw this video, obviously out of order my first thoughts were, damn Solji looked so different when she was younger then I was like..wait, that's not Hyerin---then literally who the hell is she when Dami came on. (I was still a new fan and still learning their names, crazy to think about it now but I was still learning faces.) Haeryung never left an impression on me but I admit I wouldn't be mad if Yuji or Dami had stayed (so long as we still got Solji and Hyerin.) **side note go on YouTube and look for Yuji, Dami, and Hani singing "When You Believe".* Also...I actually did like Jeonghwa rapping and think she could have done more, however she just happened to be in a group with one of the few Kpop rappers who don't sing so...Also compared to the other girls she literally did not change looks wise at all until she cut her hair for I Love You. And finally, I'm so glad LE got redemption when she dyed her hair blonde again because this look was a no. Hani serving queen since day 1 should shock no one.
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  5. LGBTQ+ anthem
  6. He


    I had forgotten this.

    I love the non-sensical lyrics. Shout out to whomever is singing "it penetrates me sweetly, oh"


  7. (Crazy love)
    I love you, love you, hate, foolish
    Crazy love
    I love you
    Make me feel so high
    I love you, love you, hate, foolish
    (Crazy love)
    I hate you
    Make me so bad

    isanghae nege ppajyeodeulsurok
    mianhae neoreul miweohage dwae
    nado nal moreugesseo seolmyeongi andwae
    gathyeosseo i nasseon gamjeong sok miroe

  8. you know I couldn’t hear the word “crazy” in this song until I read it in the lyrics and now it seems louder than the rest of the song and I hate it.
  9. Today,
    Three single runs that made the world go 'Fucking hell':

  10. I know I've been bombarding this thread a lot lately it seems. I'm just now seeing this and I LOVE it. I've posted about them before but I have officially adopted Tomorrow x Together into my small elite club of male KPOP groups {Joining Infinite, GOT7, & Astro.} While dear sweet Soobin I think is still my bias, Yeonjun has entered the arena.----I'm not crazy about the choreo where Taehyun gets picked up but other than that...



  12. Utter joy.
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  13. As a huge Inspirit, I'm slightly embarrassed that I never got around to actually listening to this...why did all you SHINee folks tell me to listen to Woohyun and Key's sub-unit and pull me in that way, LOL. (I have started to deep dive, going in order from the beginning by the way...)
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  14. The superior version! x
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  15. #NineOrNone
  16. He


    Why does the Catch Me If You Can choreo look so much more energetic in the other version? Is it the camera work?
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  17. I've thought the same thing..sometimes I wonder if they even fully edited it (it did get leaked after all) maybe that's why it's missing the ending? Also they left in when it's Jessica's turn for "I'm going to find my heart..." it CLEARLY shows that she wasn't mouthing the words while she was changing positions and from what groups I do listen to that comes from SM, that's very unusual. I'm torn as to which is superior because I am always pro the full group, but I also have a very weird thing about tracks done in both Korean and Japanese, whichever one I heard first, is the one that I usually sticks with, and no I have no clue why, LOL. It's the same thing with Twice with Breakthrough, I was so used to the Japanese version that when I listen to the Korean version it just doesn't sound right to me. NOW, if there was a leaked audio of Jessica singing in Korean, that would be a different story, as I'm going to assume that even though the song was meant to promote the upcoming tour in Japan, they went ahead and recorded both versions anyway.---HELL, if someone spliced in Jessica's "I'm going to find my heart.." and her adlib near the end into the OT8 Korean version, that would be close to perfection for me.
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    Oh yeah no way this is the superior version. The korean one sounds better, the vocal production is also better. And the video of course is edited to perfection.
    It’s interesting to see Jessica trying her hand at the choreo, though.

    I still loathe the orange outfits.
  19. Yes, the camera doesn’t show Jessica’s dancing.
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