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What K-Pop song are you listening to right now?

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. In the next installment of camden_italian is SO late to the party I present to you...

    When I tell you I sing this song out loud during 아름다워 (it's beautiful) at the beginning of the chorus...*chef's kiss. (This is the type of song that would so be in Astro's wheelhouse and what I wish they were doing now...I can hear Rocky belting that part out as I'm typing.) It just makes you smile.

    Now I know 4 Walls and Red Light get all the glory, and rightfully so, but this here, this is my f(x) title track bop. I appreciate that all the members get lines before the chorus. I get they had a funky kind of concept but some of these outfits---like what did poor Luna do to deserve that tie-dye shirt (and her hair here reminds me of Taemin's in Sherlock.) The slow bits with the up closes (Victoria in the dress, etc.) they look STUNNING. (My song of choice is actually Rude Love but I couldn't remember if I had posted that already or not or if it was just in the main thread.)
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  2. After watching Dreamcatcher's online concert this past weekend, I have been listening to their entire discography and they are that group that has no bad songs. This sounds like an exaggeration and utterly biased but it's the truth.

    Anyway, they didn't perform this song during the concert but I have been listening to Trust Me non-stop. It's one of my favorite DC songs. This radio performance was perfection. The vocals. THE VOCALS!


  3. Definitely a stunner!
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  4. Classic after classic. A rate could be made out of this.
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  5. One of my hidden gem favorites. Since it is a ballad, I expect it to have a quick exit in the rate...looking back on my scores I wish I had given it just a little bit higher.
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  6. I'm getting into SF9 and I already want to put this song from their very first release on repeat:

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  7. I love girdle but they might have out-clevered themselves here.

  8. When this comes up on shuffle and I have to accept that it's one of the greatest songs ever made, but then I start to cry cause I miss Hara. Listen to KARA without crying challenge: failed.


  9. We love a pretty ballad.
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  10. Luxuriating in my finest (and only) armchair to this little Sweetune moment.
  11. Hey remember when Fiestar

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  12. Miss you.......I always.........Miss you.......I always.........Miss you...Aaaaaaaaaaaaa....I always..... aaaaããAAaAÃÃÄaAHHHH!!!!!!!!!....Miss you......

    *synth explosions*

  13. Dystopia remains an amazing album after all these months. And I just want to bring this video back which is classic Dreamcatcher.

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  14. Twice - What you Waiting For. It’s a bit average but la la la la cos I love ya is great
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  15. When they said ''this meaningless life'' I felt that.

  16. Everything I wanted from Irene and Seulgi.

  17. How many times has SM recycled this chord progression?
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