What K-Pop song are you listening to right now?

Back in my heyday as a newbie KPOP listener, this was my absolute favorite thread...so I had always planned to try out Ladies' Code because I adore Ashley on Dive Studios...but was hesitant because of what happened and I had already experienced getting attached to Jonghyun, Sulli, Hara (yes I became obsessed with Kara while I was gone...if we ever wanna re-rate including the Japanese songs and new album I'm down), and then, of course, I experienced Moonbin in real-time. ---Also, yes I know an "older group", I've fully embraced myself and my taste and realize that I missed the boat because I am a 2nd & 3rd Gen Stan through and through, even though I do like some new stuff too.

But anyways...Ladies' Code. Of the obvious, of course, Bad Girl and Hate You have been on repeat. I think she's beautiful now, but can we take a moment about how HOT Bad Girl Ashley was? (I Loved her look in Pretty Pretty too...and this is all said respectfully as I am obviously a very gay male, LOL.) As far as OT3 goes, do we talk about Galaxy enough? OBSESSED. Check them out below, it's a crime Bad Girl has such a low view count! I'm happy to share and of course sad because I think they could have been legendary.

To add to Ladies’ Code, obviously I only knew Ashley but I just got done watching them on Weekly Idol (the OG hosts were problematic but they did introduce me to my favorite groups…) and I’ve fallen so much in love with RiSe and especially EunB…which I knew was going to end up happening. I’m still very much obsessed with Ashley.

And since I also mentioned KARA…is it wrong that I love Jumping so much? And except for the bowl cuts (it’s like…they are iconic yet wrong at the same time…) I LIVE for Damaged Lady. As far as my favorite members, it depends on the era to be honest, OT5 I think it was mostly Nicole, OT4 Hara (R.I.P.), and the reunion I couldn’t stop staring at Jiyoung.