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What K-Pop song are you listening to right now?

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. That whole mini, though....
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  2. Crazy- 4 Minute
    Can't stop listening to it.
  3. KARA - Step

    It's bittersweet that I've only just started listening to them, but what a tune.
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  4. Sistar - Touch My Body

    It was the second K Pop song that I had ever heard following Girls' Day's 'Darling'.
  5. miss A - Time's Up

    I recently ordered and received their 2013 Hush album despite never having listened to a single song, and I love it! So many good songs.

  6. Pop perfection. Full version here.
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  7. Incredible.
  8. Glorious b-side and hair-flippingly great performance!

  9. I'm currently listening to a song called Warm Hole by Brown Eyed Girls.

    What?! The?! Even?! Heck?!
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  10. (but why isn't this on UK iTunes)
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  11. Park Ji Yoon's discography is pretty fantastic. I can't wait for a new comeback from her.

  12. I just realized that this and Remember are basically the same song. The original EXID.

  13. Rainbow's Black & White chorus is amazing.

  14. I woke up this morning and all I could think of was this song... And I wasn't even a fan of it but I can't stop listening to it now!
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  15. It's April but

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  16. SHUT UP that these girls are holding machine guns and riffles!! I laugh so hard! They must the best thing ever! I will check them now!
    Update- Didn't like them, but props for the machinery army!
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  17. The song that got me into K-pop and turned me into a Wonderful!

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  18. Exactly the same song that began my love for K-Pop! A timeless classic.
  19. It really is! Even if the song came out in 2007, it really doesn't sound dated or stale in my opinion. I think JYP succeded in creating a song that withstood the test of time and I can play it on repeat over and over and not get tired of it.
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