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What K-Pop song are you listening to right now?

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. He


    Ok, but talent + amazing song.

    I've had this on repeat for the past couple of days, really gorgeous.

    Haseul is stunning too.
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  2. This, because why not?
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  3. At first I was like yeeeeees Ansel is one of us......oh wait it just a meme.
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  4. The first boy group album that I listened to in full and loved all of it.

    Also I've realized that the quality of SM albums is waaay above other companies'. I might go and check every album that has been released under the label.
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  5. I'm so proud of you.... Check out EXODUS next it's their best
  6. I'm liviiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnggggggg.
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  7. Sometimes, like today, this is the ONLY thing that will get me out of bed and off to work:

    (Rare find. For MBC's cameramen and directors to use try and visually destroy their performance. In vein, I should say.)

    (I actually like JYP's Party People.)

    (Yeah, sometimes I need it thrice.... I almost SuperTrashed this in the SO+Y and still might 11 it... maybe... FYC, I guess... off to work...)
  8. This would have been a total national syndrome if Twice released it.
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  9. Why are you listening to the weaker version though?
  10. There's another version that can actually compare?
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  11. Yes
  12. I wouldn't shade @Slice of Life's favorite songs like that.

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  13. I'm with you on this one. f(x)'s version is a lot more dynamic and interesting, whereas SNSD's version is flat and lifeless.

    While on topic. I just watched the video after not having seen it in a million years. Yuri almost breaks an ankle and Yoona screws up the dance at the end.

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  14. Okay but let's not forget the most iconic commercial MV of all time:

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  16. I hate this ddd.
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  17. True story: This was the first K-Pop song I ever heard.
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