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What K-Pop song are you listening to right now?

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. Just heard this on a K-Summer playlist and what a bop.

  2. One of the many upsides of the SOTY 2017 rate was that after "Babe"/"Lip & Hip" I finally got around to listening to all the Hyuna tracks I'd been avoiding for some reason. Excuse me while I get one of the border patrol agents in the demilitarised zone to bump this whilst I do a little dance for the troops.

    ja olchi
    geurae olchi
    you can’t touch me!
    don’t touch me!

  3. Don’t look at me.

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  4. The power that this has

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  5. I heard this on Australian radio of all things.

    At least, I think it's K-Pop. It might be Chinese. I can't tell.
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  6. It is indeed a nugu K-Pop girl group. It's their debut (and only one) single, released in January 2017.Obviously Sugar Free/Little Apple inspired trash bop.
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  7. Click this to listen to Everyday I Love You non-stop.
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  8. Just discovered this.

    Wow. So soothing.

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  9. @ Lim Kim please come back

  10. Just me being bitter that Sunmi is huge right now with ha bops while her more talented unnie is making flop songs like Read me instead of showcasing ha amazing vocals like in Ain't Nobody which was also a flop.

    The video has so many aggressive jump-cuts it's worse than Catwoman
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  11. I like this song now. Amber is like 10 times better when she sings instead of rapping.

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  12. The feels this song always gives me is incomparable.

  13. [bops despite the product placement]
  14. The original queen of Pledis.

  15. I love how 'GREAT!' was (apparently) the only live thing they sang live.

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