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What Kind Of Fuckery Is This? - UK Politics General Discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

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  2. Not strictly politics related but seeing Laurence Fox deny the existence White Privilege on Question Time last night and labelling the woman who brought it up as "racist" while the audience agreed really does sum up the current state of racist Britain, doesn't it? If I've learnt anything from Meglegend Markle ditching the dusty house of Windsor and all its colonial skeletons is that it has highlighted just how clueless white people are on race relations. This country is in a deep state of denial, assuming that racism is a foreign concept that belongs in years past and not at all relevant to current cultural discussion at hand. I mean.. we been knew of course but after observing various debates this week across social media, TV and my colleagues it's clear that white people really, really don't get it. Christ.

  3. The Peoples Vote campaign really was a shambles.
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  4. It was absolutely disgusting (not to mention his trash views on almost every other subject).

    Who knew that it would be the ex-Mr-Billie-Piper that would emerge as the new scumbag heir to Katie Hopkins in 2020? Daily Mail / Telegraph columnist position to be announced in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...
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  5. To add, much of the episode revolved around Shami Chakrabarti essentially being told to shut the fuck up, even when answering a question asked by the audience? Highly embarrassing... loud-mouth audience members bellowing (I'm paraphrasing) "the electorate told you that they are racist and don't even give a fuck about other white working-class communities, just their own families. And dogs. So either grovel to us and admit that our views are superior to yours or fuck off out of politics altogether".

    It's beyond the point of shaking my head in disbelief now... the Conservative Party seems to be gaslighting an entire nation of people, who will inevitably only learn of their error when they are cast into the streets, penniless and without NHS access... while the Tories shrug and tell them that they chose their own fate...
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  6. Well in fairness, some people have got bizarre priorities and views have chosen their own fate. They must think Brexit is more important than ridiculously long waits at A&E, pothole-ridden roads, a dying high street, terrible transport infrastructure in the majority of the country, and out of control drug gangs and knife crime. I don't get it personally, nor do I think I want to.
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  7. Piers Morgan doing much the same to Afua Hirsch a few days ago is unsurprising but still disappointing.

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  8. He did the same to Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu on Good Morning Britain as well, it was.. shocking to watch. He started off the interview by purposely mis-pronouncing her name and then shouting over her within seconds of her speaking. I refuse to link it because the whole display was so disgusting, I found it hard to watch. There's not many people I despise on TV but Piss Morgan is one of them. Shows like this often invite members of minority groups on only to criticise and fetishize them. Munroe Burgdorf is someone they would frequently treat badly.

    On the plus side, Dr Shola tore Phillip Schofield's head off on This Morning and it was a joy to watch, start at 4:20.
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  10. Tea. Minorities groups are treated like shit on these morning shows.

    Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race is a modern classic for those who haven't read it. Reni is a fantastic writer.
  11. There's been talk that the policies presented in the last election campaign were popular, but the packaging or messaging was the problem - sadly, the perception of the party's leader is and will always be a key ingredient of this "packaging".

    We can wax lyrical about the evil right-wing press spinning misleading narratives to the public for the next five years... or, we can accept the perception of Long-Bailey as "continuity Corbyn" is not only a fait accompli, but not at all surprising given she's the leadership candidate backed by John McDonnell, Jon Lansman's Momentum, and other Corbyn supporters, and the single candidate who's gone on record as rating Corbyn's leadership "10 out of 10" mere weeks after Labour's worst electoral defeat in decades.

    By many accounts she was also complicit in Labour's failure to deal with the antisemitism problem, including the NEC's decision not to fully adopt the IHRA's definition of antisemitism. I don't feel confident that she's the person to lead the party out of this shameful mess. Irrespective of who the leader is, I'm not sure how Labour can convince the electorate that they're a party fit for government if they can't even get on top of this.

    This is why I feel she isn’t electable.
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  13. Morning TV shows should be binned en masse. All this shit needs to GO.

    And the rolling "news" channels, there was a piece a few days ago with the mother of a boy who died while in care at a mental health hospital. The inquest back in 2015 or so, found a whole load of failures and mistakes. None of them were addressed or recitified, causing at least two further children to later die in the same place. And yet, the piece of crap presenter (think it was Mark Austin) had the nerve to turn on the mother and try to defend the police and these institutions. My blood was boiling....how FUCKING dare you, mate....

    And this is all allowed. ITV are forced to axe Jeremy Kyle, but the rest goes on. And on.
  14. Been on my "must-read" list for a little while now (and with a title like that why wouldn't it be on anyone's)
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  15. Basically this - waxing lyrical about the nasty right-wing press is obviously present and correct... yet... we need a POPSTAR who connects directly to the people irrespective of the media (who will fall into line once the connection is made).

    Basically, why isn't Angela Rayner putting herself forward?
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    When I read Why I’m Not Talking... a couple of years ago, I‘d left it on my desk at my old work. Someone I worked with went through the whole spiel of it’s racist saying white people are racist, I don’t know why “they” can’t get over it, etc. An absolute mess.
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  17. It will never not be wild how so many white people get so much more agitated about the idea of being called racist than they are about actual racism.

    How hard is it to just listen to minorities?!

    (Also, the Reno Eddo-Lodge book is iconic and everyone should read it.)
  18. That is the problem tho, they don't listen
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  19. Yep.

    Congratulations to society for understanding that being called a racist is not a compliment. Now if only society could work on not being racist...
  20. I loved when she explained that being complacent is racist because of our past + present disfranchisement of minorities, we need to actively be working towards equality and recognize the systemic racism in our society as just a minimum requirement.

    If only that man would listen to anything other than himself
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