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What Kind Of Fuckery Is This? - UK Politics General Discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Imagine what the likes of Cherry and the revolting LGB Alliance will be like in an independent Scotland. Long-Bailey Britain >>>>
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  2. That's the LGB alliance where one of the founders "doesn't see the point of LGBT clubs in schools" in case anyone forgot.
  3. I know you shouldn't wish sickness on people, but there's something about the fact that she packed into close contact in the lobby with all the other Tory MPs on Friday as they voted against discussing Health Inequality in the UK.
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  4. anightmareliterallyanightmare.gif
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  5. Tea but also there's literally nothing going on at Labour at the moment to stan or get behind, and no real united front in terms of media coverage, so I can vaguely understand a figure like this, even if the Tories are being typically useless. Labour is basically the pop girl that's between eras.
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  6. Exactly - the question is 'how would you vote tomorrow ifcthere was an election' and Labour basically don't even have a leader.
  7. If Joanna Cherry becomes the next SNP leader then that’s the end of the SNP in Scotland as far as I am concerned.
  8. Now we know why Boris chose the new Chancellor....apparently he's a magician...

  9. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    And his father in law’s a billionaire.
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  10. The fact that this party has produced two consecutive Chancellors of colour and has given us two female prime ministers should be a victory for inclusivity...

    ...and yet it’s this party with these policies. *sigh*
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  11. Nicola Sturgeon gazumping Boris to make her official public announcement about Coronavirus is a sensational political gambit on her part, the shockwaves of which will hit Downing Street and send Boris and his advisors reeling. It is an extraordinary move. I'm in awe at her brilliance. She's coming across as someone completely in charge of the situation.
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  12. Health is a devolved issue, but get it fucking round the tories.
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  13. Boris is a disgrace. As bad as our shitty government is here at least they closed the schools, universities etc.
  14. If Boris closed these things against the advice he is being given (they are not being closed in Scotland, Wales or NI either) he'd rightly be dragged through mud. You can't have it both ways. Unless and until there is evidence the UK Government and/or the devolved administrations are acting against the medical and scientific advice they are being given, we kinda have to trust the Prime and First Ministers.

    There are questions as to why the medical advice here is different to other countries, but you can't have Prime and First Ministers ignoring what they are being told by their own advisers and following what the Slovaks are saying instead, particularly not just because that's what Piers Morgan is saying in caps on twitter.

    But the main issue with closing schools as articulated by the CMO in England and Scotland in last hour is it increases risk of transfer from kids to vulnerable relatives and public members than if they are in school, and pulls key emergency service workers off the front line as they need to stay home. If that's the expert advice then I'll listen to it as with the other advice being given out. The Chief Adviser here has just said to have any kind of effect School closure needs to be for 13-16 weeks.
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  15. Not Boris Johnson basically opening his press conference with “many more families are going to lose loved ones before their time”. What dystopian hell is this?
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  16. If the news stories are correct, then the medical advice might be 'different' because the government wants to pursue a policy of 'herd immunity'. I'm not sure even they would be that insane, but I'm not sure why they would be briefing these stories otherwise.
  17. Worth listening back to the Chief Medical Officer who was was doing media rounds this morning. Very informative and I felt reassuring.

    He basically said their view was the mass steps taken by other countries would suppress the virus but he didn't think they were sustainable measures for the lengths of time needed to work properly, and so when they were lifted you'd see an immediate spike in new cases.

    The idea of the changed medical advice, so self-isolate for 7 days if you have a sore throat, is designed to have same effect but without being so draconian or cause same social and economic effects, and means you still have scope to start locking down in 4-6 weeks time if you need to as public fatigue to the measures hasn't set in.

    It all made sense, but the reality is we won't know which countries have got it right for quite some time.
  18. I keep seeing people mention herd immunity, but haven’t seen any confirmation whatsoever that this virus is a one time thing. Have we had that confirmed?
  19. No - quite the opposite. There are recorded examples of people recovering and then relapsing. We don't know how likely that would be though.
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