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What Kind Of Fuckery Is This? - UK Politics General Discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. LTG


    That’s her son she’s quote tweeted, the new MP for Devizes. Imagine having a kid and they turn out to be a

    The one I feel worst for is Glenda Jackson having Dan Hodges as a son.
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  4. Boris is doing the conference today. This will be interesting to watch
  5. Oh god, he's gonna try and throw out a dead cat isn't he?
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  6. Looks like he’s just going to defend Cummings. This will backfire spectacularly
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  7. RJF


    Does Dominic Cummings even want to stick around at this point? I bet the last thing he wanted out of his job was to slowly guide the country through and out of a pandemic when he was literally only just there to start fucking with the country's relationship to politics. "Resigning" wouldn't even matter considering he's so deeply entrenched in this government he would just be shipped off to some figurehead private sector job and most likely still pull all the strings anyway. Why bother defending him?
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    Which one of y’all...
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  9. They're special, alright, but not in the way he thinks.

    Seeing Grant Schapps squirm at yesterday's briefing and in this morning's media rounds has been an absolute scream. Every single letter of the party line on this just doesn't stand up to even the most basic scrutiny. The cabinet ministers who lined up to defend him yesterday have absolutely no credibility left, nor will Boris if he doesn't get rid - which is going to cause irrevocable damage to keeping the public "buying in" to the lockdown and social distancing guidelines.

    They've fucked themselves and the rest of us too (a *pretends to be shocked* moment for a Tory government, I know). I'm so angry.
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  10. Interesting to see Ms. Kuenssberg has gone nearly dead silent on Twitter (a feat impressive for her) since her feeble attempt at defending you-know-who.

    Also, this is an event:
    Screenshot 2020-05-24 at 16.48.11.png
    Is "left-wing troll" even a thing?
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  11. Well, that's lockdown as good as over for some people!
  12. Lockdown is over!
  13. I fucking despise this government.
  14. I feel so... dejected.
    I haven't been this disappointed in political stuff since Trump won the election in 2016.

    I really hope the population remembers this when the next general election comes around.
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  15. I guess any father can go ahead and do what they like then.

    Cunts, the lot of them.
  16. Not Boris actively refusing journalists a chance to follow up if the question's about Dominic fff
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  17. This is genuinely a really dark day for British Politics. They have always only cared about themselves and followed their own set of rules, but they have never been so openly and disgustingly blatant about it. They really don’t give a single fuck about us. People have missed the funerals of their fucking dead children because they were told to. The fact that his jolly up to Durham is being justified because he’s a loving family man is a fucking disgrace and an insult to everyone who has followed the measures correctly in the last few months.
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  18. I am literally so angry I could cry. I have just cried. The absolute audacity of these men to invoke the importance of family values is laughable.

    why the hell did these men (some women I guess?) go into public service, if you wanted to be rich and still powerful stay in your financial lanes, they’d still be messing up the world but at least maybe there’d be actual people in government who gave the tiniest amount of f*cks.

    i am beyond heartbroken for everyone that couldn’t be with family, bereave a loved one, those that died alone, those that are struggling on their own or without help, those that are going through it mentally/emotionally/physically, those that followed the rules because they were told they had to to save lives. What a slap in the face and a big f*ck you to everyone.
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  19. Uh which gay did this ? Come through

    Edit: as it’s been deleted -
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