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What Kind Of Fuckery Is This? - UK Politics General Discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Aaand it’s gone. But it was amazing.
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  2. I actually let out an "OOOOP" when this got retweeted onto my timeline.
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  3. What was it?
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. It’s a slap in the face to everything that’s been sacrificed these past weeks we’re nothing but meaningless pawns at the expense of this heartless government.
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  6. I was right, but I was expecting a better effort than the schools announcement. (Apparently neither Boris nor the education sec was due today, so that clearly wasn't planned.) Cummings really does have the dirt to bring Boris down doesn't he?
  7. When are protests going to start? The government and now the police have no moral authority over any of us anymore. All of us can just now say that ‘we’re doing what we thought was best for us’ and they can’t say anything.

    Fuck the lot of them.
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  8. I sympathise with this sentiment, but just because he’s a twat I don’t think it’s a good excuse to risk increased transmission and killing vulnerable people.
  9. Some are already at Downing Street apparently.

    Me wanting to join in protests because this government are scum while still maintain the social distancing that's been drilled into me over the past two months

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  10. So it’s okay for these Tory pigs to do whatever they want while we all have to silently suffer?

    I’ve mentioned previously in this thread my own struggles with lockdown and not getting to see my family for months on end. And even with easing of lockdown in Scotland, the rules dictate that I cannot see mine until phase 2 which is most likely going to be July. This would mean I will have gone 5 months without having seen my parents, my siblings, my grandparents, nieces and nephews.

    But it’s okay for a Tory cunt who has coronavirus to travel up and down the country according to Boris.

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  11. Isn’t the overwhelming opinion that is it not alright?

    Lockdown has been hard, and I’m sorry you’ve struggled with missing your family. But had we done it sooner and everyone adhered to the rules, fewer people would have had to bury their loved ones because of this virus.

    Throwing the protection of vulnerable people out of the window because some unelected megacunt wants to make the rules but not follow them is not a moral position I’m personally willing to take.
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  12. And when it comes down to it neither am I.

    But can you not see how people can come to the same conclusion. And you can now no longer blame them for breaking lockdown when the government themselves is flocking it.
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  13. It’s the asking/forcing of the country to give up our freedoms to then just spit in our face with no apology, by an unelected advisor who’s not accountable to the public. All members of parliament should be up in arms, this is a complete attack on our democracy and freedoms.
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  14. So what are you saying then? All I was saying was that people shouldn’t go out on the streets to protest because it will literally kill vulnerable people.

    Your reply suggested that if it’s alright for Cummings, it’s alright for anyone. It’s not. If you didn’t mean that, then sorry that I’ve misunderstood you.

    Tl;dr: Cummings is a prick but everyone should continue to stay at home, because the alternative is more transmission, and more death.
  15. If these people think they are above the rules, or they don't apply to them, then unless they're complete idiots (.....) that begs the question of why they don't take the rules - especially about this particular situation - seriously.

    They clearly don't think there's any risk in doing what they're done, so that begs the question - is what they're telling us actually necessary or....well....true. Remember this fucker was part of SAGE who came up with the "SHUT EVERYONE IN THEIR HOMES OR ELSE MILLIONS WILL DIE" solution to the threat from the virus.
  16. Let’s not drag SAGE into this, SAGE is only made up of experts, Cummings only sat in on meetings and did not contribute to them, they give advice and evidence, the government sets laws on how they interrupt that advice.

    It is true transmission is not black and white it’s based on probabilities and you can takes steps to reduce those, but again that would not be a simple message.

    The point is the government set the rules to follow for EVERYONE.
  17. And everyone means everyone, I agree.

    But apparently everyone doesn't mean everyone if you're "special".
  18. It makes my blood boil but what doesn’t need to happen in this shitfuckery, is the experts questioned. They do not make or enforce the policies, that’s completely the government.
  19. I question everything. But the government went ahead, as you say. It's always been their call.

    And given what a morally-vacant, blatantly dishonest and arrogant bunch they continually show themselves to be, that is a concern.
  20. God I’m so glad everyone is united in anger.
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