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What Kind Of Fuckery Is This? - UK Politics General Discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. This story definitely isn’t going away any time soon
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  2. The more I read the more I get worked up. If I still lived in Camden I would walk to Islington and shout at him myself. Scum scum scum
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  3. The man who worked on the Brexit campaign, uniting the country. You have to love the sick irony.
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  4. The most repugnant thing is that he feels no need to instantly resign. How dare the commoners decide the superiors should have to play by the same rules or have them decide their right to remain in office, eh?
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  5. Not necessarily true. Cummings was able to ask questions at these meetings and according to several members that alone could compromise the impartiality of these meetings. Minutes from the meetings are confidential so we don’t know what happened during the meetings.

    Also as senior advisor to number 10 he could return to Number 10 and deliver his version of the meeting to Boris before the official findings were written up and provided to the PM and Government in digestible form. Nobody knows how he interpreted the data and explained it to Boris.

    I think his participation in the SAGE meetings should not be underplayed.
  6. I feel so angry I could throw something. Time to get off this cursed rock again.
  7. My original point was about protests against the government and about the gov having no moral authority over us anymore.

    Could there be socially distanced protests outside Westminster, Downing Street and Cummings home?

    I was letting my anger talk when it came to breaking lockdown. Ultimately, I wouldn’t do it because I could not have it on my conscious that I may have unknowingly given someone the disease and killed them. But the point still stands that many people will now choose to stop listening to gov advice with the logic of well if they aren’t doing it then neither am I. And you can’t blame them for coming to that conclusion.
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  8. I adore the videos of his neighbours heckling him. Scum scum scum!!!
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  9. I love that people refuse to let this go. All the mud Cuntmings threw based on champagne elites showing himself to be an absolute hypocrite.
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  10. Oooof.

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  11. They probably thought it would make people feel sorry for him but will actually have the opposite effect especially when there was that 13 year old boy who died alone in hospital
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  12. Okay but we need people to be heckling and stalking Boris too.
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  13. Someone tell the Cummings scriptwriter they're overdoing the sob stories. How many more angles to this are we supposed to swallow?
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  14. Yes. Yes we do.

    They've even lost the support of the nazis now.
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  15. I miss Theresa May
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  16. She must be laughing herself to sleep over this.
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  17. All the plot twists are making my head hurt. Was it Dominic or his wife that had COVID-19 symptoms? I'd read it was his wife, so why couldn't he look after his child like other families have had to do?! They were obviously well enough to drive from London to the North East.
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  19. I also don’t understand the childcare arrangement. Was it that they left the child with the elderly parents - a child who had been in close direct contact with 2 parents who had Covid 19, and was therefore at high risk of having it themselves...being left with at risk people? I don’t feel like this has been properly explored or explained in any of the reporting.
  20. The Daily Mail coming for Dominic’s head too... I’m creasing. This scandal is going to roll and roll.
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