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What Kind Of Fuckery Is This? - UK Politics General Discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    All this stuff about needing his family for childcare. Fun fact: his wife’s sister lives two streets away from them in London.
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  2. Basically:

    1. Cummings' uncle develops COVID-19 and ends up in hospital.

    2. A week and a bit later, Cummings' wife develops COVID symptoms. In order to protect his four-year-old son, he makes him sit in a car with her for four and a half hours.

    3. They arrive in Durham, where, in order to protect his family, the COVID-riddled Cummingses likely* temporarily move in with Cummings' 70-something parents.

    5. A few days later, Cummings is reported to the police. Was this delay due to a witness not reporting it right away? Or was he seen out and about after arriving in Durham? We don't know.

    6. Five days after the police speak with the family, Cummings' uncle dies. Cummings is spotted at his parents house with his son on this day.

    7. A week later, Cummings travels 25 miles to a different town.

    8. The next day, he returns to London.

    9. Six days later, he is spotted back in Durham.

    *I say it's likely to be his parents home where he was staying as the police spoke to the owners and they confirmed he was there and isolating in a different part of the house, which suggests to me it isn't a property he owns himself. A commercial property is out of the question. It would need to be the home of family or friends, and given he was spotted outside his parents home, and his general disregard for the rules, I am comfortable saying, yeah, he was at his parents' house.
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  3. The Church too? I...
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  4. I’m just shook at the Daily Mail / countless Tory MPs on Twitter turning on him. It would have really been quite painless to just fire him straight away - it probably would have been in the news for a day and then forgotten. Instead, they’ve created an entirely new sub-plot for the A Level History Curriculum in thirty years time. Something really isn’t adding up.

    The only explanation has to be that Cummings has some serious dirt on the Tory powerhouses. Like real juicy career-ending prison-worthy stuff.
  5. Where do you think it sits on a spectrum of Fields of Wheat to Decapitated Pigs head face fucking?
  6. Quite happy for them all to burn together
  7. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    I think it’s more that Johnson is not, and never has been, suitable to be the Prime Minister and has relied extremely heavily on Cummsponge to guide him and tell him what to do.

    This is harsh as fuck and nails it:

    (I took no offence at the shabby sock-puppet analogy.)
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  8. Even the Daily Mail turning on them is delicious.
  9. Makes you wonder if they’re hiding something even more insidious by the way they’re dragging this out.
  10. In all of this, something that you already knew was confirmed.

    Yes, that's right, the brexits didn't even read the withdrawal agreement.

    Question from that is, if they thought they could change it, why didn't they vote for it the first two times Theresa presented it?
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  11. So I was curious about this whole 'being reported by the neighbours' business because it seemed incompatible with the 'living on a farm' part (I grew up on a "farm" and there's no way we would have known the comings and goings of our neighbours and vice versa, but some places you get farm-houses inside villages). Luckily for me, recipients of EU subsidies are on public record. A quick Google maps search shows that it's 'proper' countryside, so it either explains the delay or (more likely, in my opinion) he was seen out of the house in a supermarket or something.

    They seem to be floating that the child is autistic as a defence now, though with no official statement.

    I suspect it's something outright illegal - Russia, or dodgy funding, or something along those lines.

    I know that politicians do sometimes try to 'hang on' to people when it's blindingly obvious they will have to resign so what's the point of dragging it out, but it seems like we're through the looking-glass now in terms of accountability so who knows.
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  12. Because a woman put it forward and they wouldn’t listen to the same reasoning she gave until a man delivered it to them.
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  13. While true, it’s also because she led them into an unnecessary election and lost their majority. The party was furious with her.
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  14. I was going to say something but the voice of my generation has already said it better than I could...

  15. That Cummings creature... The 'above the law'ness. The irresponsibility. Those pics of him running away from 10 two months ago. The A&F joggers. Bin it.
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  16. Mutya tweeting that at almost 4am is sending me. A legend.
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  17. So... this is called CumGate.
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  18. Some areas of the economy have thrived with everyone being at home.
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  19. So what lies is he going to peddle out?
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