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What Kind Of Fuckery Is This? - UK Politics General Discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. All of this.
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  2. Can't wait to hear what Laura asks.
  3. Whatever Dominic tells her to ask.

    This is a shambles. Why are we now having public statements from someone unelected? How much dirt does he have on Boris?
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  4. Fuck me this is some dystopian shit, are they going to put it to a referendum for people to decide after his speech whether he stays or goes?
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  5. Probably. And they'll break spending limits doing it and say the NHS will get £1 trillion a week if he stays.
  6. Why is Cumbucket even giving a statement. Just resign and fuck off
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  7. I always knew Boris would be a hopeless Prime Minister but I never thought he would put his weakness on such public display. Embarrassing.
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  8. The messy part of me is here for the dramatics of this televised statement but this is honestly fucking ridiculous. This needs to end with Cummings and Johnson resigning but it won’t because the Tories can seemingly get out of any mess unscathed (Grenfell, Windrush, Vote Leave, the Russia report etc).
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  9. I wonder if Boris will last longer than May?...
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  11. Can't wait, this is going to be a fucking car crash. Ready to crack open the wine!
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  12. Theresa May, or the month?

    I'd find his resignation hard to get excited about, considering the candidates to replace him.
  13. RJF


    He's an AIDE. Why give him a platform that will only improve his reach when he inevitably pivots into something far more fucked up after he leaves this job?
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  14. He called it

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  15. Immature but I still choked.

  16. I hope I'm being a crazy conspiracy theorist, but half think they put the 'his son has autism' out on social media last night (because it came from absolutely nowhere in the middle of the night in the UK), and he will say that he didn't want the privacy of his young child to be out there but now it's in the public domain anyway and blah blah blah and it will be enough for enough stupid people to think 'Oh well he was in line with the law'
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  17. I put a bet on certain words and phrases Cummings might say during his speech nn
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  18. C'mon Cummings, I've got my gin and you're keeping me waiting...
  19. I honestly can’t decide whether he’s going to try to be contrite, or come out swinging. Either way the mess is not going away unless he resigns.
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  20. He'll probably come out with the family dog as a hostage and threaten to kill it if he's forced to resign.
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