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What Kind Of Fuckery Is This? - UK Politics General Discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. SBK


    I rolled my eyes at people leaving the party over Corbyn, but I'm pretty much there now myself with Keir.

    Not interested in supporting the slow retirement / watering down of all the socialist policies I joined to support.
  2. That's really, really disappointing. I wouldn't expect him to go full-blown abolitionist, but that he can't even willingly engage with the conversation...

    I find his framing of the movement as a) a "moment" and b) being focused specifically on U.S. police brutality quite distasteful. The UK isn't innocent in this, and he knows it; after all, he presides over a criminal justice system that is institutionally racist.
  3. I came here to say the same thing. He's really making it difficult to support Labour right now.
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  4. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I don’t even think he’s going slowly, he’s just got the lethargic air of a premature gammon
  5. The SNP are about to hit a crossroads and I don’t think it will be pretty. I’ve heard some murmurs about Sturgeons leadership and dissatisfaction among the ‘core’ of the party who don’t think she’s pushing hard enough for independence and focusing too much on social issues and only interested in Devo Max.

    It’s especially concerning to see Joanna Cherry leading calls for a ‘new approach’ to independence In the press the last two weeks. Which is teasing the idea of a unilateral independence action or some kind of plebiscite, two actions that are often hailed as then quickest course to independence, but the most fraught.

    If Cherry is elected as an MSP in next years Scottish Election we could see a real division within the party which will probably squander much of the good will Sturgeon has built up during the pandemic.
  6. We all know independence for Scotland is inevitable at this point, the young people of today coming of voting age is going to see it through. It's just a matter of waiting for the demographics to shift. The Cherry and Salmond-sympathising side of the SNP wanting to chaotically rush things through is unbelievably stupid.

    Obviously TERFs and common sense don't come hand in hand, but it's straight up hypocrisy how the pro-Salmond TERFs of the SNP claim to stand for the protection women's rights while ignoring all of the harrassment of female colleagues that Alex did.
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  7. SBK


    This was the SNPs problem for a long time, they were so focused on independence that the day to day running of the country suffered.

    I understand the desire for independence at the earliest possible opportunity, but it shouldn't come at the expense of health, education etc. The first years of independence will be hard enough without having to drag the parts of running the country they neglected up to a suitable standard.
  8. K94


    Keir is exactly why you dont support a candidate on the cloudy premise of them being ''''''electable''''''. I said before he became leader how candidates like him were certain to throw minorities under the bus to please the bigoted parts of the electorate, and he's proven that several times. Party politics seems just hopeless for black people right now, particularly the queers. If there was an election today, I'd probably stay home to be honest.
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  9. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    His leadership gives me the creeps. He’s managed to remain utterly nondescript as a character while being a doorman for the Nasty Party as they usher in a frightening new wave of far right measures into mainstream politics. I don’t get it.
  10. LTG


    No engagement with the idea of “defund the police” because he was the lead prosecutor in charge of an institutionally racist justice establishment.

    If he’d even said something along the lines of “I know first hand about the inequalities in our system, and I want to be in a position to reform it.” He could still say defunding the police wouldn’t be his priority, but he can’t just dismiss it as nonsense.
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  11. Yup... and how the hell didn't his brain think of this... what a dummy.
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  12. SBK


    It's probably the term "defunding the police" thats the problem to the average voter it means just taking money away from policing. IF he doesn't believe in it, I'd be very concerned as a Labour voter, I'm pretty sure Jeremy would have had no problem saying we should properly fund the support networks to avoid the police having to get involved in a lot of things.
  13. I too was having the exact same coversation last week.

    Both Defund The Police and Black Lives Matter are terrible slogans that need explaining before they are understandable to the very people that they're aimed at. It's taken 7 years for the world to get on board with BLM. A simple 'To' and the end would have done the trick ages ago.

    The left are absolutely awful at this kind of stuff. It's not enough to preach to the converted you need to build a coalition, something it's incredibly hard to do if you have to if the initial messaging has already put you on the back foot.

    Messages need to be positive. They need to give people alternatives. Most importantly they need to not give your opposition ammunition. Defund The Police is a monumentally awful slogan even if the policy behind it is sound. It no surprise that many politicians don't want to be linked to it.
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  14. Speaking as a Scot who previously voted against independence, it's the First Minister's recent handling of social issues and particularly her response to COVID-19 which has made me change my position. That and the fact I find the current government completely fucking contemptible and Labour's consistent ability to slip further and further into irrelevance that I hold no hope for my views being represented in a UK government ever again at this point.
  15. K94


    Are these slogans meant to appeal to everyone though? It's really not about convincing people or trying to turn their way of thinking - clearly that has never worked. It's about forcing change and disrupting imbalances of power. Slavery went on for hundreds of years and was integral to how society operated - you dont think calls for abolition were also deemed "nonsense" by politicians back then?

    The whole idea of mollycoddling people who really don't care about your life, with the glimmer of hope that something will change, doesn't make much sense; and is how we end up with leaders like Keir who will bust a hip to sit on a fence, rather than have any strong stance on anything. If he somehow became PM, what exactly would change from what we have now? It would just be diluted policies that would please no one.
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  16. LTG


    Is this the voter base he's going for? Will he go back to Blair's scapegoating of asylum seekers?

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  17. I read that the SNP is going to implement a party policy which would require sitting party MPs to resign from Westminster if they want to contest next year's Holyrood election, so hopefully that will scupper Cherry's plans of becoming an MSP and challenging Sturgeon's leadership.
  18. Remember "valid concerns"?

    It kinda started all this daily mail shit.
  19. So Boris Johnson has announced a £5bn package that he says will fix the greatest depression since the 1940s? Hasn't the economy shrunk about 20%?

    If £5bn is enough to grow the economy 10-20% then the fact that we spend that each year on Trident should be enough reason for complete nuclear disarmament. We could've scrapped it in 2008 and saved the country from the effects of the recession entirely.

    Oh, wait. I guess he could be lying through his teeth and talking utter bullshit. Also possible.
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  20. I'll always reflect back this way. It is NOT the concern of black people to worry about MARKETING when they are being killed.
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