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What Kind Of Fuckery Is This? - UK Politics General Discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. What personally drives me the craziest about the Brexit voters is their excuses for ‘not knowing what was going to happen’. I’ve read 2-3 detailed articles about people saying that they basically voted cause of a Fb meme telling them immigrants were bad.

    Like sorry but if you’d put down the Daily Mail or Sun for just one second during the campaign, and stopped believing social media memes, and read literally any half decent media outlet, you’d have found lots of people explaining why it was an awful idea.

    Absolutely no sympathy.
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  2. After everything the Tories are rising in the polls?

  3. There is no real opposition, Labour is a mess at the moment too.
  4. acl


    The majority of people will always be idiots and easily fed with nationalism and hatred so sadly we will always have a Conservative government.
  5. LTG


    I don't know how else Labour are supposed to "oppose".

    They blocked Theresa's deal, tried to make sure that no deal can't happen, and have had discussions saying they'll only vote for a deal which keeps us in the customs union. That's incompatible with Theresa's red lines so we're at an impasse.
  6. If this is an accurate guide to the public's voting intentions after all this shitstorm (and until a GE, we won't know for sure I suppose), then I am genuinely ashamed to be British.
  7. A six point swing in just over one week? Sure jan.
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  8. Polls these days are usually well off the mark. Have been since 2010. But the Torys will take this one as a win, no doubt.

    We need more of these to lull May into a false sense of security and into a General Election.
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  9. acl


    Imagine if the entire mainstream media including the BBC and Guardian as well as all the neo liberal Labour mp's hadn't been activley lying and trying to get rid of Jeremy Corbin, and subverting the feeble minds of the British public for the last few years. I think taking into acount all the many many many baseless smears thrown at him, 34% is incredible, and testiment to not only his strength but also to the "34%" who can see through all the bs.

  10. The power that this has.

    When faves collide.
  11. A few clients have asked us if they need to wait until after Brexit to change their passwords recently - seems there's some weird hoax rumour going around...
  12. Hmm
  13. Emily Thornberry has to be one of the best politicians at throwing shade ddd

  14. Just your daily reminder that all Tories are scum xx

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  15. me finally snapping and fucking losing it
  16. How many of y'all are booking a holiday around Brexit Day™? I honestly don't think I can mentally cope with being in the country in the week leading up to it.
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  17. I mean would you want to risk going near any kind of port in the months surrounding 29th of March?
  18. I'm not sure what's worse. Potentially being locked into this country or being locked out without access to my job, home, etc nn.
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