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What Kind Of Fuckery Is This? - UK Politics General Discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Good luck getting back into the UK after 29th March.

    Not that you'd want to
  2. Watching May's statement.

    The fucking bare faced lies in every fucking sentance. I hope this destroys the Tories. It'd be the only silver lining.
  3. Everyone just lost their shit at someone calling Tresemme a liar. I mean, what else is appropriate?
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  4. Now is the perfect time for the Sugababes to cash in on the UK crashing out of the EU.

  5. Stupid woman?
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  6. when you drink a bit too much and can't shut up

  7. 42 days until No Deal Brexit, the government has no shipping arrangements, and has been stockpiling body bags.

    In parliament, some Tory shit has just asked for an 'emergency debate' on whether known white supremacist Winston Churchill was a racist.

    What a lovely country.

  8. heheheeeweadfbsnszns
  9. Voted on an amendment to basically call May a failure. They should be putting their time to better use like stopping the Uk from crashing out of the EU with no deal which is looking more likely by the day
  10. LTG


    May had promised to hold a vote today, but she’s decided to delay a meaningful vote again, so today’s was just supposed to reaffirm the votes from the end of January.

    The opposition mostly voted against because they disagree with the amendment that passed about trying to renegotiate the backstop. The ERG abstained because they want to make sure that no deal is kept on the table.
  11. Speaking of no deal brexit, here's just a taste of what you can look forward to.

  12. Lovely photo of the Tory back benchers
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  13. Reminder that this tweet was ok’d under the person who is now the PM. Trash has always been trash shocker

  14. It's the thought (police) that counts.

  15. Very interesting short documentary from The Guardian about Brexit and the border in Ireland.

    The woman at 14:10 onwards sums up the DUP mentality to a tee. Wants to rip up the Good Friday Agreement and wants the North to go back to the good old sectarian orange state it used to be. Worst thing is I see that woman in my local gym all the time.
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  16. This is spreading like wildfire on my facebook, with many people, unsurprisingly, sharing a video by Katie Hopkins. I’ve seen a lot of comments as well say “this is why I voted brexit”.

  17. I'm on the fence about her. I'm concerned that she wants to come back and isn't showing once ounce of remorse for her decision to join ISIS, she just wants to come back to use the NHS and save her baby.

    That's great an all, the baby shouldn't be held responsible for her terrible life choices, but its concerning that she wants back in and hasn't even clocked that it might be easier if she said she regrets going. The fact she hasn't makes me wonder what her plans are long term...
  18. Me too. I understand that she was very young, 15 and brainwashed into beleiving there was a better life for her in the caliphate. But like you said, she has said on record that she has no regrets, and has even labelled herself ‘weak’ for leaving.

    If things were different, as in ISIS wasn’t weakening then she wouldn’t be having this interview stating she would like to return.

    I just can’t stand people sharing that parasite.
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  19. I’m sorry but this whole, she was a teenage girl argument is bullshit.

    We all did stupid things as teenagers but we didn’t go and join a fucking terrorist organisation. Keep her out.
  20. I once watched a beheading video when I was 15 and I immediately realized I made a mistake watching it. The image stuck with me for ages. This girl sounds like a complete sociopath.

    Has she actually committed a crime though? It's a messy situation.
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