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What Kind Of Fuckery Is This? - UK Politics General Discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Yeah, it was always trash.

    They should also sack off Love Island as well if participants committing suicide is their red line with shows.
  2. Hopefully we'll see a change in our approach to shows like this (a little too late, mind, but better late than never I guess). I'm not sure how our broadcasters get away with dedicating so much time to so-called "poverty porn". Just one look at some of the day time TV listings makes you weep with how much demonising programming there is.
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  3. Imagine voting Change UK. Imagine doing that. Can't relate.
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  4. aux


    I think I’m going to vote Lib Dem, help me ladies
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  5. Took great pleasure shredding Chuks leaflet in work today.

    Probably gonna vote greens for the EU election. Unless Labour get behind a public vote, this member cant support them.
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  6. aux


    I don't know who to vote for, that's my issue. I want to vote tactically, as I don't want the Brexit Party sweeping (but it'll probably be the case no matter what)
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  7. Hasn’t the Brexit party broken GDPR laws? Loads of people have been receiving their leaflets with their names and addresses on them and they have no idea how they got hold of the information
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  8. I personally dislike how Love Island is being lumped in with the Jeremy Kyle 'debate'.

    Certainly, after-care and the ethics of reality television need to be discussed, but I think it misses the point that The Jeremy Kyle Show was always intending to exploit and humiliate poorly-educated poor people.
  9. I’m pretty sure they have access to this information if you have contacted a MP/MSP in the past? I contacted my MP with an issue and then I started getting campaign leaflets with my name on them and Xmas cards from MPs.
  10. Got leaflets from SNP, Labour & the Tories this morning.

    The Tory one is all about independence/Nicola Sturgeon/referendums, and doesn't mention Brexit at all, except saying they will "respect the referendum result". Do people actually fall for this? Worrying.

    All Labour's says is they are committed to stopping a no deal Brexit but they prefer fixing May's deal and a general election over a People's Vote. It then reads like a general election leaflet promising to invest in public services etc. If I see the "for the many, not the few" soundbite one more time I might flip.

    The SNP's is all about stopping Brexit, committing to a People's Vote with the Remain option, revoking Article 50 if no deal is the only alternative, and backing up their vision for Scotland to be an independent, European country.
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  11. I think the Brexit Party has just been using the electoral register.

    My neighbours got the leaflets, but me and my boyfriend didn't, as we've opted out of the publicly available version.
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  12. aux


    See, I'm opted out from it, yet I still received one. I sent them a request asking what info they had on me. One of the best things about the GDPR.
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  13. Oh, interesting! The Brexit tricksies really won't relent, ugh.
  14. aux


    What cracks me up is that I have a Spanish name and an Italian last name. Not sure why the fuck they thought I would vote for them. Oh well, at least I'm costing them money.
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  15. This morning we got a UKIP leaflet addressed to our ex housemate who moved back to France 18 month ago.

    How on earth do they have her details?
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  16. That would probably be in contravention of GDPR - you didn't actively opt in and you can't use a service to collect data. If you're a party member you get a Christmas card from the MP, but they shouldn't be sending you one probably.

    However can't they just sidestep it by sending it to 'the householder'?
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  17. I'm in the same boat. I'm thinking either that Libs.

    I've been reading lots about the remain vote being split 5 ways in the EU elections, whilst the Brexit vote will mostly go to Farage (although I did get a flyer for Robinson today, ick). The left wing press are stating that this probably means The Brexit Party will come out on top.

  18. Yeah, there doesn't seem to ne a movement behind one remain/peoples vote party in the same way there is with Nigel.

    The tragic thing is, even if he does win the votes, he doesn't really have any say on Brexit, other than continuing to rant about it in the EU parliament.
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  19. Yeah it's a shame there's no Remain alliance because it basically gives Fromage free reign to come out with the biggest vote. Although I suppose it's a bit more difficult when you have the SNP only standing in Scotland, Plaid Cymru only standing in Wales etc.
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