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What Kind Of Fuckery Is This? - UK Politics General Discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. C4 Dispatches episode on the Tory Leadership race is... depressing.

    54% of Conservative Party members think Trump would make a good Prime Minister. Fucking hell.
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  2. The SNP abstaining from the same sex marriage amendment tomorrow because they “don't want to set a precedent of Westminster interfering in devolved matters” y’know despite them voting on fox hunting. Not a good look.
  3. UK politics just looks like a 90s high school movie now where two bitchy cliques spread rumours about one another to try and win prom king/queen votes, with LibDems playing the dorky teacher who tries to be down with the kids.
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  4. Bin the lot and stick Caroline Lucas in Number 10.
  5. Maybe off topic but we've discussed Owen Jones before here so:

    Just a friendly reminder that TERFs are nothing but utter scum.
  6. Oh that's awful. What must go through people's minds to think that's an appropriate way to go about contacting someone with criticism. The fact they hide behind the veneer of being Owen's deceased parent makes me feel not only are they absolute trash, they also aren't too comfortable attaching their own name to it and that should tell them something in all honesty.
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  7. LTG


    MPs have voted in favour of amendments to legalise abortion and gay marriage in Northern Ireland if no Executive is formed.
  8. LTG





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  9. Long overdue.

    Does anyone who's clued up on NI politics know the likelihood of them managing to sort out their mess in time to stop this from happening?
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  10. I'd say it's unlikely. As with everything in NI, both sides are so entrenched now that caving in to the other will be seen as a huge defeat. Sinn Fein won't go back until the DUP agree to an Irish Language Act, but the latter won't because it will seen as "giving in to the Republican agenda" and "weakening their British identity".

    Plus the constant blocking of abortion and same sex marriage are another reason why Sinn Fein refuse to work with the DUP in Stormont. So if they're automatically going to become law in October so long as the Assembly remains closed, they will continue to keep it closed.
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  11. LTG


    Also, one of Dominic Grieve’s amendments has been passed by one vote, saying that the Northern Ireland Secretary has to make a statement in Parliament at least every two weeks if there’s no Executive in place in October.

    He’s introduced this because if there’s a legal duty for a Secretary of State to make a statement to Parliament, then a PM wouldn’t be able to prorogue Parliament to allow a no deal.
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  12. I think the Irish Language Act is a waste of money, because you'll end up with a farcical situation like we have down here where it's somehow an official language despite only 1.7% of people speaking it on a daily basis.

    On the other hand, it has caused this situation where the DUP can't block same sex marriage and abortion without capitulating to Sinn Fein on the Language Act, so there's that.

    In any case, it's a win for the people of Northern Ireland, who I think are generally in favour of extending these rights.
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  13. LTG


  14. After thinking about it, this is a win for the DUP. Now they can say to their hardcore base that they tried to fight it but it went over their heads. Now the only thing blocking Stormont from reorganizing is Sinn Fein.
  15. Probably someone on the team forgetting to log out to post on their personal feed. Whoops.
  16. Sam


    Screaming at Emily Thornberry supporting cabin crew industrial action. Can’t wait for right wingers to blame Labour when their holiday plans are cancelled cause of strikes!

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  17. I guess like most things in Northern Ireland, ILA has come down to identity. It's become more than just about the language itself now; it's about whether non-nationalists (especially Unionists) are willing to accept Irish identity (language in this case) as part of Official Northern Ireland. The thing about NI is that it should be the perfect place really - a mesh of British and Irish and things peculiar just to this part of Ulster but it's just a fuckshow with our politicians who are some of the most inept on these islands. It's such a shame as (not to be all parochial here) but I think the majority of us ones up here are actually quite decent folk and wanting the place to move on.

    But yeah, as you say, ILA shouldn't really be a massive priority compared to wider issues especially allowing women access to abortion. Sinn Fein have attached the ILA onto wider rights issues such as Marriage Equality and Victims Rights and Abortion (though they're not as vocal about access to abortion I find). I'm pretty sure I heard one of their former Ministers in the Northern Executive say that Marriage Equality wasn't even a red line plus in the leaked drafts from last year's failed talks, Marriage Equality was going to be left to a private members bill. All that it also stated was that there would a review of Petition of Concern (essentially a Veto) that could in theory still be used by DUP linking up with TUV and UUP to stop Marriage Equality going through.

    ANYWAY, hopefully Sinn Fein just set their out of office for end of October and keep Arlene & Co away from Stormont and let Westminster sort this out. Really Westminster should have already stepped in by now and it's telling that it was Parliament itself that stepped in and not the Government.
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