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What Kind Of Fuckery Is This? - UK Politics General Discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Why is point 15 blacked out?
  2. I'd imagine point 15 to be threat to national security
  3. Where's the rest of it? They're taking us all for fools.
  4. Well Point 17 is loud and clear. But sadly won’t be heard.
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  5. But at least we'll have our country back......
  6. I can’t believe they’ve redacted a whole paragraph. Burn this government to the ground. Also is 6 pages not a suspiciously short document for something this significant?
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  7. Faisal Islam thinks it's about fuel shortages

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  8. LTG


    Rosamund Urwin had the documents leaked to her the other week:

  9. Also, apparently the near-identical leaked document was for a 'BASE SCENARIO' not a worst case scenario.

  10. Surely this finishes Brexit for good now? There's no coming back from this.
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  11. I can never tell if it really is this brazenly corrupt or if I’m wearing my tin foil hat but this, the yellowhammer documents, and proroguing parliament being declared as unlawful in court all in one day. Whew. The state of them all.

    And yet around 50% of people just wont care because facts are for sissies or something
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  12. Oh sweet summer child.
  13. They're taking this well.
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  14. “Jazz lover who said Brexit would be hard.”

    What a bunch of squares.
  15. So when do we get to do some civil unrest because I need a new winter coat
  16. LTG


    Barricades outside Buck Pal this Saturday x
  17. Scottish Cheek To Cheek fans have no chill
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  18. Boris looks like he’s enjoying meeting the British public.

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  19. I love this. What I love even more is that the lady who says "people have died from austerity" is from my hometown of Doncaster!
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  20. I love how they've been throwing out BoJo into regional parts of the country with absolutely minimal security and back-up sksks

    Someone egg the bastard!
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