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What Kind Of Fuckery Is This? - UK Politics General Discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. It's interesting that, apparently, in general Corbyn is a horribly divisive figure who half the British public hate but in the case of the Brexit referendum, his vigorous campaigning was all that would have been needed to sway the result. Never mind the efforts of the newly elected Prime Minister and all those leading lights of the Labour party who are so much more electable.
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  2. Bloody Nigel!
  3. Come on Jezza. You can do it!!!
  4. The fuckery continues.

  5. Do what..Resign? Surely they’re fucked now. This is gonna get messy huh. I wonder if Patty Swincox will change her revoke stance and look towards finally approaching Jezza with a compromise deal.
  6. This has honestly left me so deflated. The Brexit party being termites to Conservative support was the only thing I was counting on for this election.

    A true


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  7. If people are stupid enough to vote the Tories back in, maybe the country deserves everything it gets.

    This is some end of times shiz.
  8. I feel such a disconnect from all of this. Being in Scotland and looking at these predicted outcomes in England and Wales eating whatever shit the Conservatives are feeding them.

    I mean I obviously want Labour to win the GE, but a vote for them would be wasted in my seat. Like if there was something I could do to assist the movement I would but it just feels like a foregone conclusion the cunts are going to get away with it.
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  9. Y'all desperately need a proportional representation voting system. It's really disheartening seeing so many of you say 'I want to vote for X party but there's no point in my area'.

    If you had ranked voting like in Ireland you could at least sort-of tactically vote for your favourite, then the next best thing etc.
  10. "Incorrectly used" the wrong footage.

    Someone at the BBC's been watching too much of The Capture.
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  11. While I fully expect the Conservatives to win (because English people are the worst) but surely that prediction is way out - I've not heard a suggestion anywhere that they'd be looking a majority of over a hundred. That's the sort of thing we were expecting at the start of the 2017 campaign, and then they were way stronger.

    So I checked their track record and it's not great;

    April 1992 Election
    Prediction: Labour 17 seats short of a majority
    Actual result: Conservative majority of 20

    May 1997 Election
    Prediction: Labour majority of 171
    Actual result: Labour majority of 179

    June 2001 Election
    Prediction: Labour majority of 211
    Actual result: Labour majority of 167

    May 2005 Election
    Prediction: Labour majority of 132
    Actual result: Labour majority of 66

    May 2010 Election
    Prediction: Conservatives short 29 seats of majority
    Actual result: Conservatives short 19 seats of majority

    May 2015 Election
    Prediction: Conservatives short 46 seats of majority
    Actual result: Conservative majority of 12 seats

    June 2017 Election
    Prediction: Conservatives majority of 66 seats
    Actual result: Conservative short 8 seats of a majority
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  12. All tea all shade I'm hoping for a really terrible winter with lots of snow so old Tories can either not get out of the house to their local village hall or simply die before they can even vote.
  13. Honestly - prayer circle now for the worst winter ever. We need it.
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  14. I'm not convinced these shenanigans won't backfire.

    There are masses of Leave Labour supporters who would have voted Brexit Party but wouldn't dream of voting for the Tories.

    Brexit is not the most important issue to many voters. They want it over and done with and a protest vote was a way to signal but it doesn't mean they are all suddenly going to be voting for Boris Johnson.
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  15. Just so we don’t lose perspective of how truly awful all these people are x
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  16. Wasn't there some sort of similar deal struck between the Tories and UKIP in 2017 that backfired horribly?
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  17. Its just so transparent onto see Nigel do a complete uturn a week after trump told him to...

    I thought Boris' (rewrite or Tresemme's) deal wasn't Brexity enough for The Brexit Party?
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  18. I wonder what filthy backhander he's been promised/offered?
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  19. LTG


    Seat in the Lords apparently.
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